Prayer Targets: Prayer Tears; Big Business Tyranny; Pornography; Fasting; Persecuted Church Sunday

He that goes forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Dear Praying Friends,

Dr. James Goll, Director of Prayer Storm, co-founder of Encounters Network, instructor at the Wagner Leadership Institute, longtime leader in the national prayer movement, is an author of many books on prayer and intercession. This from his article: Which Way Will the Scales Tip?

Going forward, will good or evil prevail in American society? The body of Christ, the nations of the Earth and the U.S.A. are currently at a tipping point… At these critical moments, things change in a society or nation for good or for evil…What determines the outcome? Who decides? Can we actually have an impact? Scripture is clear about the power of a compassionate heart that sows in intercession and tears. By softening our hearts and crying out to God together for mercy, we can tip the scales to bring forth the rain of awakening upon the Earth.

The Scales of Justice – The scales of justice symbolize the balance between truth and fairness sought after in the judicial system… Each side of the scales represents a divergent view of a case… After all the evidence and arguments have been presented by each side, the scales then tip one way or the other determined by which side appears to have made the weightier case… Webster’s Dictionary defines tipping point as “the critical point in a situation, process or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place.” … Wikipedia adds “First used in physics…it referred to the adding a small amount of weight to a balanced object until the additional weight caused the object to suddenly and completely topple…”

Passionate Prayer Changes Things! Matthew Henry, the English theologian declared, “When God intends great mercy for his people, the first thing He does is to set them a-praying!”… Charles Finney, had phenomenal prayer support from Father Nash behind the scenes. He is quoted, “Revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat. Revival comes from heaven when heroic souls enter the conflict determined to win or die—or if need be, to win AND die.”

Isaiah battled with an unrepentant, even defiant nation of Israelites, who refused to acknowledge sin or abandon its idols even in the face of defeat, bondage and slavery to other nations. God issued a challenge to His people through Isaiah that reveals the heart of God toward us—even when we are in sin and trying to justify our rebellion: “Put Me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified” (Is. 43:26 KJV); “Put Me in remembrance, let us argue our case together; State your cause, that you may be proved right” (Is. 43:26, NASV).

How Desperate Are You? Beloved, God is weeping over the condition of our nations and the hard condition of the heart of the body of Christ. He is travailing through us with tears for our own breakthrough. We know that when we sow in tears, we will reap in joy (Ps. 126:5). This principle applies first to Jesus, and then to every believer who enters into identification with His heart.

Do you want awakening? Do you want true revival – the restoration of God’s glory? Do you want your family, neighbors and friends to come to Jesus Christ? Do you want a turnaround for this nation? Do you want the body of Christ to have a new heart? How desperate are you?

Try passionate, heartfelt prayer that expresses itself even in tears. Yes, try tears. Drop your defenses and become tenderhearted. Enter into the vulnerability and desperation in your inner being. Grab hold of heaven’s heart and do not let go until the Third Great Awakening is fully released. Let’s lift a united cry until a Global Jesus Movement is moving from shore to shore.

We are at the crossroads. Which way will the scales tip? Together, we can help determine the outcome! Together, through our collective cries for mercy, we can tip the scales and the rain of revival, restoration and recovery will come pouring forth. Let’s saturate our prayers and saturate our land with tears (edited for length: see full article at Encounters Network).

Sexual Tyranny by Government AND Big Business – The Supreme Court’s decision redefining marriage to include same-sex couples has raised unnatural sexuality to a new place of acceptance in law and culture. But some jurisdictions are using force to impose these new, unbiblical values upon those who remain steadfast in their belief only in biblical marriage and sexuality. Many such have been harassed, prosecuted, fined, sued, and even jailed for their faith. Local school boards have forced teachers, students and parents to embrace new policies that give special rights to “transgendered” students and teachers, even authorizing their use of bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities designated for the opposite sex to their own. Numerous cities and counties already have enacted such “bathroom” ordinances. The Fairfax County, Virginia School Board passed a transgendered rights policy despite overwhelming community opposition saying the federal Department of Education threatened them with the loss of federal funding if they did not.

Government leaders, like North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) and North Carolina’s Legislature, who see public safety, religious liberty and personal privacy as more important than political correctness have been subjected to harsh accusations of bigotry and discrimination. In a bow to radical sexual activists, big business, including Pepsi, GE, Dow, Apple, Starbucks, PayPal, and others have threatened states like North Carolina, Mississippi, and others, with retribution for having attempted to balance constituent’s religious liberty with gay rights. Only a small number of cities and states have outright resisted this wave of big business sexual tyranny. Indeed, as many as 200 cities across America have passed pro-transgender “bathroom ordinances” while churches have raised little or no objection.

But as more and more business-friendly conservative states take a stand against this nonsense, businesses will run out of opportunities to do business in the most economically advantageous states in the nation and will have to settle for politically-correct states with higher taxes, more regulation, higher wages and other disadvantages for business that will hurt their bottom line. Pro-family, pro-religious liberty states will become magnets for families and family friendly businesses.

As North Carolina’s legislature reconvenes on April 25, Gov. McCrory and the legislators need to stand firm and continue to defend in H.B. 2. (Fairfax; NC Gov. McCrory Blinks; FRC Statement on McCrory’s Executive Order; Business Best in Conservative States; PayPal Hypocrisy;PayPal Prefers Cuba).

  • May Christians arise in every state to demand that their leaders uphold the religious liberty guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. May every state adopt Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) and Government Non-Discrimination Acts (GNDA) to protect Bible-believing Christians and all Americans. May our governments cease and desist from dispensing special rights to individuals because of their sexual proclivities and practices. May God intervene to stop the insanity and preserve the innocence of our children and grandchildren (Job 31:1; Ps 101:3; Jdg 5:9; Is 33:22; Jn 1:6; 9:4; Rom 1:32; 13:3-4; Eph 5:14; Jas 1:25).

Epidemic of Pornography in the Church – The results are in from a landmark study on pornography use in the church and society, and they are not good. Entitled The Porn Phenomenon, the quarter-million-dollar Barna Group Study was commissioned by Christian apologist and author Josh McDowell. It reveals an American church literally awash in pornography. The data shows that 57% of pastors and 68% of youth pastors in the U.S. struggle with pornography personally. Fully 72% of Christian young adults (ages 18-24) routinely and actively seek out pornography on the internet and 3 out of 5 divorce cases cite porn use as a major factor. Over 6 trillion pornographic videos are viewed online worldwide each year.

Given these facts and many others revealed in the study, is it any wonder that pastors and church has been slow to confront the culture and policy makers on matters of aberrant sexuality? If a majority of pastors and church leaders are compromised by personal involvement in pornography, they are far less likely to confront this evil in their own congregations, much less lead the fight against public policy that has to do with pornography or LGBTQ issues. Without a wholesale response to this problem, the future for believers and our culture does not look promising. While 88% of pastors believe the church at large has a problem with pornography, 54% say they do not have such a problem in their own church. And only 7% of churches have any kind of program to help prevent pornography or to support those caught in pornography addiction. McDowell is on the warpath to defeat this scourge and vows to produce resources to help believers find deliverance from what Dr. Chuck Swindoll calls “the greatest cancer in the church today” (see Tony’s April 5th Interview with Josh McDowell (forward to segment 27:39 thru 52:04); Tony’s April 12th Recap of Pornography Summit (forward to segment 39:23 thru 53:00); Josh McDowell’s Set Free Summit (study each page and download resources)

  • May God’s people – and especially pastors – put off the old man and put on the new, which was created by God in righteousness and true holiness. May God use Josh McDowell and others to spark a purge of this horrific scourge and may there not be a church in America that fails to address this issue head on. May God affect deep cleansing and forgiveness to his people, and restore to them the spiritual power that should be the norm for the Church of the Living God. Restored to purity, holiness, and a clean conscience, may God’s people go forth to take back our nation for Him! (1 Cor 4:5; Eph 4:22-24; 5:5-14; 1 Tim 1:5; 3:2, 9; 15; 5:22; Heb 10:22; 12:12-17)

Finally, please pray for great success for Franklin Graham and his Decision America Tour, in Montgomery, Alabama, April 14, 2016; Austin, Texas, April 26, 2016; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 27, 2016; Also, I urge each of you who is undergoing or contemplating an extended fast during this election season, to visit Traci Alexander’s Traci has produced some of the most powerful and helpful resources for believers who wish seriously to embrace the discipline of fasting, or just the discipline of serious daily devotions, that I have ever seen. These devotions could be life-changing for you and for our nation. Please do not forget Stand for the Persecuted Sunday on April 17th. If your church has not made plans for this new observance, it is not too late. Thank you so very much for praying!

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