Prayer Targets: ‘Defactualization,’ Election Prayer; Planned Parenthood; Prayer Leaders

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth…. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Dr. William Jeynes is a Professor of Education at California State University (LB). He was first in his class at Harvard (M. Ed.) and “most outstanding student” in his cohort at the University of Chicago (Ph.D.). His writings include 145 published articles, 12 books and more. He has spoken before and counseled U.S. Presidents and foreign leaders on 5 continents. His official bio does not tell of his strong Christian faith and ministry. From his article, “Defactualization” is Causing American Schools to Become Bastions of Anti-Intellectualism are these edited excerpts:

Truth has been relegated to a secondary position in the nation’s public schools, universities, political forums, and public squares. In the classic television show, Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday would often say, “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” In today’s public schools, many teachers ask the opposite: “Just your opinion, child, just your opinion.” When schools emphasize the subjective over the objective and opinion over fact, it is no wonder that so many American students lack basic knowledge and yet have opinions galore….

Jesus declared, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Ivy League universities were founded on this principle. The Puritans, who founded Harvard in 1636, believed that the quest for truth did not end in the spiritual realm… but applied to all of life, demanding both intellectual and academic vigor… reflected in the mottos of seven of the eight Ivy League universities… Harvard University’s motto is “truth (veritas)” … Yale University’s motto is “light and truth,” Columbia’s is “In Thy light shall we see light” and Penn’s is “Laws without morals are useless.”

The most dangerous people on earth are those who are educated or intelligent, but are not virtuous. In contemporary American society, truth has been relegated to a secondary position in our public schools, universities, political forums, and public squares. Diversity and subjective opinion have been elevated to greater prominence… Consensus is attainable only in a nation that pursues truth.

Truth and Facts – for many, truth is only of value if it is convenient and supports one’s ideology. Over a decade ago, I coined the term “defactualization” to describe societies in which facts are either habitually denied or ignored due to an emphasis on subjectivity. In my view, defactualization is quickly becoming one of the greatest crises of modern times.

Many Westerners are increasingly denying biological and historical facts. Many Americans call life in the womb not life. Laws in some states assert that it does not matter what sex you are; what matters is the gender that you say you are… Whatever one’s moral view of abortion, a child is not an extension of his or her mother’s flesh. The child has his or her own unique DNA. That is a fact. Any debate about abortion that denies that reality succumbs to the quagmire of defactualization. Facts have to be an important component of any intelligible debate. Opinions do not negate facts.

The Danger of Education without Facts -In thousands of public schools in the United States and Western Europe, defactualization is expanding exponentially. This trend should be called what it is: a modern form of anti-intellectualism. Those with the facts behind them often do not prevail. Instead, debates are won by those with the loudest mouths and the ability to manipulate the emotions of others. As a result, the vast majority of high school and university students hold views based on a dearth of evidence and a plethora of biased opinions.

Truth sets both individuals and nations free, because basing one’s life on truth and facts creates unity and agreement… Opinions count, because people and their experiences count, but they do not change facts. The temptation to be politically correct at the expense of accuracy is nothing new, but it is a temptation that must be resisted if we hope to give our children a strong education(Dr. Wm. Jeynes, July 2015, edited for space. See Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse; see Dr. Jeynes Lecture: Bible & Prayer Back in Public Schools; More from Dr. Jeynes’ at

Planned Parenthood Defunding – The Senate vote failed to reach the 60 vote threshold Monday night: 53-46. Two Democrats, Sens. Joe Donnelly (IN) and Joe Manchin (WV), voted to defund; while two Republicans, Sen. Mark Kirk (IL) and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), voted no. Majority Leader McConnell switched his vote from yes to no to preserve his parliamentary option under the Senate Rules to take up the bill in the fall as an amendment to the Continuing Resolution (CR) budget bill. The press has been slow to point out that there were 12 more votes to defund than when last the bill was taken up. Had Sen. Graham been present, there would have been another yes vote. Just five more votes are needed.

With the release yesterday of a fifth, even more devastating undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress, more and more Americans are awakening to the deeply disturbing and evil practices of Planned Parenthood. At least 7 more such videos are yet to be released.  So far Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities for abortion, deceptive and illegal practices regarding underage girls, support for the sex slavery industry, etc. have not been raised. On Monday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced that all state Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood would be rerouted to community health centers that do not perform abortion. Ten states and three congressional committees are currently investigating Planned Parenthood (view Senate debate: Defund Planned Parenthood; GOP Thwarted?; Jindal; the latest video).

Pray for those conducting investigations. May those who exposed these horrors receive God’s full protection! May taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood be ended forever! (Pr 24:11-12Is 59:15; Lk 10:19; 11:2-5; Rom 1:28-32; 1 Cor 4:5; Eph 5:11-14)

Presidential Races – The 2016 Presidential Race is underway in earnest. Our task in prayer is to ask for discernment to see the ones who best meet God’s standards and to pray fervently for them.

Republican Candidates are former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.), Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.), Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, former Gov. Jim Gilmore (Va.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), former Gov. Mike Huckabee (Ark.), Gov. Bobby Jindal (La.), Gov. John Kasich (Ohio), former Gov. George Pataki (N.Y.), Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), former Gov. Rick Perry (Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), former Sen. Rick Santorum (Penn.), business entrepreneur Donald Trump, and Gov. Scott Walker (Wisc.).    

Democratic Candidates are Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I-R.I.), former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (Md.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and former Sen. Jim Webb (Va.). See link below for future GOP and Democratic Primary debates (see the Union Leader Report; C-Span video: 2016 Republican Candidates “Voters First Forum.”Republican Presidential Primary Debate Schedule; Democratic Presidential Primary Debate Schedule.

Lord, our hope is you! We have seen the devastation that comes from ignoring your commands about choosing leaders. Let 2016 be a year of revival and awakening. Help us to repent of our sin of making alliances with those who oppose your principles and guide us to choose leaders after your own heart. Have mercy upon your people and our nation. Draw America back to you. May our returning be reflected in the people we choose to lead us in this pivotal election! (Ex 18:21; 2 Sam 23:3; 2 Chron. 19:2; Ps 85:5-7; Mal 3:7; Jn 6:44; Acts 13:22; 1 Cor 15:33-34; 1Tim 1:1)

Finally, please pray for Doug Stringer, and Taechin (T.C.) Kim, leaders in the national prayer movement. Both men, mightily used of the Lord, are presently fighting life-threatening cancers: Doug, stage four B-Cell lymphoma, and T.C., stage four colon cancer spread to his lymph system. Both men are undergoing heavy chemotherapy. Please pray for God’s healing touch and that both will be enabled to resume their desperately needed ministries. Thank you for praying!

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Prayer Targets: Church Tax Exemption; National Watchmen Pastors Summit; Defunding Planned Parenthood

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s. Luke 20:25

Senior Vice President, Rob Schwarzwalder, leads FRC’s Communications and Policy divisions, including the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI). He spent years on Capitol Hill in leadership roles working with House and Senate Conservatives. The scholars on his team research, produce and distribute FRC’s extensive policy analysis in the form of Congressional testimony, scholarly papers, booklets, issue analyses, radio & TV appearances, speeches, articles and op-eds for national media, FRC University lectures, email publications, the Social Conservative Review and more. Excerpts from his Tax Exemption for Churches: An American Value, a Social Imperative: 

Some Americans seem to think that churches are merely large buildings that, after about noon on Sunday, lock their doors and occupy space for the balance of the week. This misperception could prove quite costly in the wake of the Supreme Court’s finding of a constitutional “right” to same-sex marriage.  Already, some are calling for the ending of tax exempt status for churches, religious-affiliated schools of all kinds, and non-profits in general if they do not actively make accommodations for same-sex partners.

Not only would this be an act of political aggression against religious entities…it would adversely affect untold millions of lives by shrinking countless church ministries to people with profound and urgent needs.

Tax exempt status for churches is a historic, even intrinsic, part of the federal tax system… In Walz v. Tax Commission of the City of New York (1970), Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote “the grant of a tax exemption is not sponsorship since the government does not transfer part of its revenue to churches but simply abstains from demanding that the church support the state.” …

Tax exemption for churches protects religious entities from the state. Giving government authority to tax religious entities not only breaches the protective wall of separation that guards the church from the state, but effectively knocks that wall down. Religious values have long infused American public life and law, yet as institutions, church and state are distinct…  Giving any government legal authority to tax religious entities is only a first step toward making churches institutionally subservient to that government… 

According to the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, eliminating tax exemption for nonprofit organizations would amount to …  a tax on free assembly, free religion, and free speech. This would be, in essence, a “Bill of Rights Tax.”

What Churches Do for Their Communities -Churches, whether liberal or conservative… are not empty boxes sitting idle except for a few hours a week.  In addition to… Bible studies, fellowship meetings, youth group events, and other spiritually-oriented ministries… they provide services… to people in all walks and stages of life regardless of religious belief.  The financial value of these services has not been calculated, but no one can dispute it is profound and also relieves federal and state governments of duties that would cost them huge amounts of money [Rob lists a few dozen ministries that span the breadth of human need].

If the church tax exemption is lost, religion will lose even more influence and reliance on the state will become more prevalent. Religion will become a private, publically irrelevant force, as in the Soviet Union.

While God cannot be thwarted and his church will thrive even in secret, local communities around the nation will lose the benefits that churches have provided to them over the years if churches are forced out of public life. Countless Americans in need of help will be the ones who suffer.

Churches are essential to any society desiring both the amelioration of conflict and the gentle influence of voluntary charity.  They do great good for many, and discourage evil that so readily creeps onto culture’s pathway if not diligently suppressed.  Keeping them tax exempt will preserve their ability to do these things.

Writing in Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville observes, “Freedom sees in religion… the divine source of its rights.  It considers religion as the safeguard of mores; and mores as the guarantee of laws and the pledge of its own duration.” Dare we risk fraying such a lifeline to the very soul of our national character? (Read Mr. Schwarzwalder’s carefully documented, 7 page analysis, HERE)

More on Church Tax Exemption – Pastors and local churches perform sacred functions like administering baptisms, marriages, communion, funerals, confirmation, catechisms, etc. The federal government is unlikely to tax churches any time soon that restrict their activities to what secularists call “religious worship.” Yet believers who carry their faith to the public square through Christian colleges, Pregnancy Care Centers, K-12 Christian schools, and a vast array of ministries organized to minister to the spirits, minds and bodies of people outside the church are likely to be targeted first.  U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli admitted as much and Christian college administrators are waiting on edge to see how the feds will keep Verrilli’s promise.

The IRS, which is the same agency that targeted the Tea Party and Christian groups, will be approving or disapproving the tax exempt status of new and existing Christian institutions under the new order established by the Obergefell ruling. Some Christian schools have already changed their constitutions to comply with Obergefell. Others have strengthened their constitution’s to reflect an unbending commitment to biblical marriage. Parachurch ministries will be next, and few believe local churches will ultimately go untouched. In Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., Catholic Charities closed their highly respected adoption services because their faith would not allow them to place children in same-sex couple’s homes, as was required under new same-sex marriage laws. The groundwork is now in place for this to happen nationwide under Obergefell.

When will the wholesale assault on these ministries begin? It will take time, and no one knows for sure, but unless Congress acts to protect both churches and para-church Christian ministries, it is inevitable. Given the EEOC’s recent decision to identify homosexuals as a protected class under federal civil rights laws without an Act of Congress, it would be no surprise to see them supporting discrimination lawsuits against churches that refuse to rent their facilities for same-sex ceremonies and celebrations or hire self-identifying LGBT individuals for non-pastoral jobs, etc., any day. The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) introduced by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) is not likely to pass in either House before the August recess, but it will be an important first step to check the application of the Obergefell ruling, and protect pastors and churches from assault by the IRS. But the States must also act to protect their pastors, churches and believers from state and local governments.

Like many businesses, many non-profit ministries operate on a slim margin. The property tax, alone, would put some churches out of commission and greatly reduce the ministry capability of many more. A number of states tie their state tax exemption to the federal tax status. The sum total of federal, state and local taxes would put scores of Christian non-profit organizations out of the ministry, and unconstitutionally entangle and empower the government over the church. “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” (Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819)  (See FADA – House: H. R. 2802 and Senate: S. 1598, Same-sex “Marriage”: Pews before Pulpit; view FRC video: Christian Schools at Risk).

May God’s people arise to take a stand now, as caretakers of God’s church, both to defend God’s ministry and His treasury, both of which belong to Him! May God give wisdom to every pastor and church and may He use what some people want to use to control the church to awaken it to new devotion, vitality and power. May FADA pass speedily and overwhelmingly with bipartisan support! Gen 50:20;  Lev 27:30; Josh 6:19; Jdg 5:1-31; Ezra 6:5; Dan 2:23; 1 Cor 1:20, 30

National Watchmen Summit in Dallas Texas –True shepherds will not flee, compromise, nor stand by idly while wolves move to devour the flock (Jn 10). That is why FRC President Tony Perkins has called for an emergency Pastors’ Summit on August 24th & 25th at Prestonwood Baptist Church (North Dallas), 6801 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093. The event is open to Pastors Only.  Please forward this to your pastor. If you are a pastor, get more information HERE and REGISTER HERE.

Please pray from now through the end of the Summit, that God will pour out His Spirit, wisdom and power upon the pastors. May pastors rush to be a part of this Summit, each and every one whom God wants to be there! May God guide and set forth direction and strategy that will bless His people, lead to awakening in America’s churches and benefit our nation and the nations until the Lord returns! (1 Sam 22:1-2; 2 Sam 23:1-39; Jn 10:10-17; Eph 6:10-20)

Finally, challenging days are ahead. We need to hear from God and move as one to advance the gospel, defend our churches and be the standard God promised to raise up in such a day (Is 59:19b). Please pray for swift passage: Dianne Black’s (R-Tenn.) – Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015); Sens. Joni Ernst (Iowa), James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) Senate version. The Senate may vote on it before the August recess. Pray, too, that more companies will decide to stop funding Planned Parenthood (3 of 41 have already done so: Coca Cola, Ford, and Xerox). Thanks for praying!

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Prayer Targets: Richard Owen Roberts, Planned Parenthood, FADA

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance. Ps 33:12.

Dear Praying Friends,

Richard Owen Roberts founded International Awakening Ministries. After studying at Gordon, Whitworth, and Fuller Seminaries, he pastored churches in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. His 9,000+ book collection regarding historic revivals and awakenings is at the heart of the Billy Graham Center Library, Wheaton College. These excerpts are from a 2004 message.

God is interested in more than the redemption of individuals. I am convinced God has a plan for the nations. It is long past time we developed concern for our nation. Here in America, we must have revival or the whole cause of missions that we have been deeply involved in for centuries is going to dissolve. The collective testimony of the American church is so dreadfully erroneous that the average person witnessed to does not believe in Christ because they cannot believe in the Christians they know. Hypocrisy! There is an incredible change when the church is revived and becomes the living, vital body of Christ. The testimony then to the individual is ringing and clear.

I am sure that about all of you admit that America is at a crisis point. I do not have the impression that God is longing for the chance to destroy us. I do not see any evidence whatever that He has set aside His plan for the United States of America. If things go rotten even more than they have already, if God is to become our enemy in a 100% fashion, it will not be because that is His heart. It will be because we are content to maintain a focus in our lives and in our churches that does not represent His heart.

God Has Made America a Great Nation. If you know anything about the history of this land, you know that we did not get where we are at by our strength or by our piety. It was God who put us in the position we are in. Democracy is an outgrowth of Christianity.

I am saying to you that the heart of God is for the nation. And the heart of God was toward these United States because there were men deeply committed to make this a Christian nation… Samuel Adams said, “The supreme Ruler of the universe having been pleased in the course of His providence, to establish the independence of the United States of America, we ought to be led by religious feelings of gratitude to walk before Him in all humility according to His most holy law, but with true repentance and contrition of heart we may unitedly implore the forgiveness of our sins through the merit of Jesus Christ, and humbly supplicate our Heavenly Father.” Few are the preachers that call their churches to repentance, to say nothing of political leaders who call the nation to fasting, prayer, confession, repentance and crying out to God to come and save us!…

Can you explain the incredible growth, the strength, the beauty, the wonder of America apart from Jesus Christ? Do you think it is possible for a nation to move from being a howling wilderness to a great nation in a relatively short span of time, merely on the basis of its natural resources or the imagination of its scientists or the might of its politicians? You cannot explain America apart from God (Richard Owen Roberts, The Lord, the Nation, and The Choice, 2004 Heart-Cry for Revival conference, The Cove, Asheville, NC. Read the unedited message at Herald of His Coming).

God says, where sin abounds, grace much more abounds (Rom 5:20). God can mix our faith and prayers with those of our forefathers to pierce the present darkness. Our faith, like theirs, must be extraordinary (Heb 11).

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Prayer Targets: Beth Moore; Pastors Standing!; Iran; Transgender Army, Kleins Stand, 10 Commandments

Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God; that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand… Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints… Ephesians 6:13, 18

Beth Moore began Living Proof Ministries in 1994 to teach women “how to love and live on God’s word.” Her international ministry is headquartered in Houston.  She and her husband Keith go to Bayou City Fellowship where their son-in-law is pastor. Their two adult daughters serve with them. Beth writes books, hosts a radio program and appears weekly on TV. These excerpts are from her blog post.

What do we do… In this climate of increasing hostility toward Christians? How do we glorify God and do people good in an environment where we’re colossally unpopular?

Bemoaning will not help us. Believing will. We here in the West have, generally speaking, gotten away with living out our Christianity selfishly, carnally, politically, lazily, and, forgive me and include me, sloppily… That’s not going to work now… These are days for sanctification… to walk in a manner worthy of [our] calling…

In my upbringing, practically everybody went to church whether or not they believed in God… But we didn’t speak much about Jesus outside those walls… My family wouldn’t have known to get down on the floor together on all our knees and cry out with one unified heart for God to come and rescue us from our destruction, our bitterness, our despair, our unforgiveness, our addictions and our hypocrisies. We’d never been taught or shown such a thing. Issues like rampant prejudice and sexual abuse never came up. Church didn’t sort through the trash… church was mostly about being proper… I don’t have anything against being proper… But it’s a new America and one the cross of Christ foresaw. The tide of Christ’s blood reached these banks way back then. He hasn’t moved off shore… we who live here are called to inhabit on purpose and serve well…

In all those years I never heard anyone pray like I hear people pray today… I heard sweet prayers and meaningful prayers and reverent prayers and, all of them, genuine prayers. And they were heard by God… But I never heard anybody pray under such an unction of the Holy Spirit that I had to open my eyes to see if they were lit up like a torch. I didn’t hear prayers like that at church until the last few decades. I don’t mean screaming and yelling. That doesn’t move me. I’m just talking about an atmosphere filled by the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit where the Word of God is not just taught, it is walked and stalked and pounded out on the pavement of our workplaces and social environments and under the roofs of our very own homes. An atmosphere not of convenience but of desperation where the Word of God has the power to break addictions and mend factions. When I was growing up, the only people who studied their Bibles were clergy…

Yesterday’s gone… Jesus longs to work here and now and among us in this world. A gift has come to us if we’ll receive it. Our old way of doing things won’t work anymore. We won’t get away with being lazy in our faith and in our spiritual disciplines… We won’t get away with virtual church. We can’t be equipped that way. We can’t fulfill our callings autonomously and self-contained. We won’t get away with all our fracturing and infighting over secondary issues. We’ll need each other too badly. The padding on the Body of Christ in America has been stripped away with the last threads of nominal Christianity… But make no mistake. Lean can be strong. Lean can run fast and hard with the gospel around the globe…

We won’t get away with all our carnality. It’s cheating us of the Spirit (Eph 4:4). We won’t get away with these things if we’re to walk worthy of our callings in a culture increasingly unwelcoming to Christians. Not if we’re going to love people who hate us. Bless people who curse us. Help people who hurt us. (Eph 4:22-24)…

Before we know it… we will stand before Jesus and look at His glorious face and marvel over His worthiness of every ounce of our devotion… We’ll have only had this one chance to do this thing with all our hearts. Let’s not go back… Let’s go forward… to the Bible… to prayer… to the Holy Spirit… The Spirit pouring. He’s doing something wildly significant today. Let’s congregate… so we can spread out and splash on a dry and thirsty land… For we are members one of another. (Ephesians 4:25). And the devil’s not playing out there (Beth Moore, Going Forward: What do we do in this climate of increasing hostility toward Christians? July 8, 2015, edited for length).

Denominations, Pastors, People and the Court – The Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage opinion brought more confusion, not less, to the issue.  Yet it is prompting believers to examine their commitments and make hard choices.  Thankfully, pastors across America are making bold, unequivocal public commitments to stand by biblical marriage no matter what the cost, and reports are that their people are standing behind them wholeheartedly and almost universally.  Others remain shamefully silent, and their silence signals consent.  The resultant sifting will continue and out of it will come a stronger church and a stronger individual people!

The stark reality is that some churches will pay a price for standing. Homosexual activists have already targeted Christian businesses for bullying and fines, but many have their sights on churches. Some in the insurance industry have indicated that churches will not be covered for lawsuits pertaining to same-sex marriage. Meanwhile new calls are coming for church tax exemption to be ended, and some experts predict that employment discrimination and other lawsuits related to the LGBT issue are imminent for churches.  The good news is that Congress’ First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) to protect Christians who believe in biblical marriage is gaining momentum, even as pundits debate the “limits of religious liberty.” (see Preacher’s Habit; Churches Ponder; Insurance; Audio/Video: Dr. David P. Murray on Court Ruling; Evangelical Strangers; Religious Liberty Bill; Limits of Religious Liberty; What Happened!).

May both houses of Congress move quickly to pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) protecting Americans, who view marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman! (Gen 1:28-31; Pr 22:28; Mt 19:4-6; 2 Cor 6:1-3; Eph 5:11-17).

Iran Nuclear Deal Struck – The U.S. has struck a deal with the world’s leading terrorist sponsoring state – Iran.This despite President Obama’s promises to Naghmeh Abedini that he would make getting her pastor husband, Saeed’s release from prison a priority, and his promises to “leave no American behind” the deal was struck while three innocent Americans remain in Iranian prisons, each shamelessly to subjected abuse, even as negotiations were underway.  Iranian leaders have repeatedly promised to destroy the United States (“the Great Satan”) and Israel (“the Little Satan”). Our strongest ally, Israel, abhors the deal, which experts say will produce an arms race among Middle Eastern nations. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that the deal would guarantee Iran a nuclear weapon sooner than later, resulting in great danger to the region and the world.

Meanwhile, even during the most furious days of the negotiations, President Obama hosted yet another Iftar Feast at the White House on June 23rd to celebrate the end of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting, a memorial to Mohamed’s first “revelation.” The guest list included imams, muftis, and prominent American Muslims. The agenda included Islamic prayers and a speech by the President honoring Islam and the achievements of American Muslims, which was a stark contrast to his chiding of Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast in February and again at Easter (see Nuclear Deal; Three American Abandoned; 16 Reasons Deal a Catastrophe; Netanyahu’s Response; White House Iftar Feast; National Prayer Breakfast; Easter).

Please pray that the U.S. will re-embrace its long-standing policy not to negotiate with terrorists. May Congress move quickly to reject any “deal” with a radical Islamist regime that is determined to destroy America and wipe Israel off the map (Jdg 2:1-3; Ps 2:1-6; Pr 12:6-19; 22:24-28; 26:24-28; Is 28:14-22).

Finally, please pray for these issues:  First, pray for our military. While morale among the troops is at an all-time low, the Pentagon has announced a plan that would end the prohibition against transgender military personnel (see FRC’s Responding to the Transgender Movement).  Pray also about the fact that activists are calling for the ouster of military chaplains. Pray for Aaron and Melissa Klein, who decided that they will not pay the $135,000 fine nor obey the gag order imposed by Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian pertaining to their decision not to bake a same-sex wedding cake (see 10 Questions). Give thanks to God for Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, who will not remove the Ten Commandments in the wake of that state’s Supreme Court ruling. Thank you for praying!

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Prayer Targets: Charleston Light; Columbus Revival; Call2Fall & PrayUSA; Supreme Court; Larry Hogan

Dear Praying Friends,

The nation continues to mourn the tragic murder of nine men and women in a Bible study in their Charleston, South Carolina church. While the pundits argue over human means of addressing such evil, we know that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood,” but against “spiritual wickedness in the spiritual realm” (Eph 6:10-20). We see this “spiritual wickedness” not only behind the senseless violence motivated by racism, but also behind the determined efforts to silence Christians and to permanently undermine our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundations. Yet in the midst of it all, there are also powerful signs of hope! Even in Charleston, the Christian testimonies of the shooting victims have been bought to light and the gracious and godly responses of their believing family and church members are shining like a bright light to a watching world, pointing us all to Jesus! What a contrast to rhetoric from the purveyors of racial division that has dominated the airwaves for many months. Amid all this, God promises that if we who believe in Him will humble ourselves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, He will do what we cannot: heal our land (2 Chr 7:14)! God is our hope, our only hope!

Revival in Columbus, Ohio – Southern Baptists comprise the largest Protestant denomination in America. The network of independent churches has weathered the storms of time and cultural change, and prevailed against extraordinary pressures and internal efforts to water-down Scripture and embrace liberal views to which many other Protestant churches have succumbed. Indeed, many once-vital mainline churches have become spiritual graveyards where men and women, boys and girls can seek but have a tough time finding Biblical truth and new life in Christ. Some churches are now cheerleaders for a left-wing political agenda, attempting to give religious credence to same-sex “marriage,” abortion, anti-Israel politics, and more.

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Prayer Targets: Solemn Assembly; Call2Fall; Dr. Floyd; Answering the Transgender Movement & More

Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: Gather the people… assemble the elders… the children… the bridegroom…the bride… the priests… the ministers… Let them weep… let them say… “Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them”…Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his people… and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen… Joel 2:15-19

Many influential leaders credit Rev. Richard Owen Roberts for introducing them to the biblical truth about Solemn Assembly. Many have labored to revive the biblical practice, among them Dr. Henry Blackaby, Claude King, Avery Willis, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Terry Tekyl, P. Douglas Small and others. The upcoming Call2Fall is a local church gesture, pointing toward all of God’s people; eventually the nation responding to God’s call to repentance from individual and national sin. Roberts writes:

Most professing Christians have never heard of a Solemn Assembly. Of those who have, a large portion consider it as merely an Old Testament practice of no particular relevance today.

The Biblical Background – There are not less than twelve revival movements in the Old Testament. While each of these revivals is very different from the others, there are at least four factors preceding each revival which they all hold in common.

1. A Tragic Declension. Every revival of the Old Testament is preceded by a period of moral and spiritual decline among the people of God. As illustrations of this problem, consider that preceding the revival of Exodus 32-33, the decline included the building of the golden calf and its worship, while the revival under David was preceded by a period of more than six decades in which the Ark of the Covenant of God was out of its rightful place in Jerusalem.

2. A Righteous Judgment from God. Without any exception, Old Testament revivals have always been preceded by some kind of a righteous judgment from God. While some of these judgments are immediate and final, resulting in deaths among the wicked, others are gracious and remedial, resulting in brokenness, prayer, repentance and extraordinary seeking of God’s face.

3. The Raising Up of Immensely Burdened Revival Leaders. a) Moses (Ex 32ff). b) Samuel – (1 Sam. 7 – chapters 1-6 give background). c) David (2 Sam. 6, 7). d) Asa (2 Chron. 14-16. e) Jehoshaphat (2 Chron. 17-20). f) Jehoida (2 Chron. 23-24). g) Hezekiah (2 Chron. 29-32). h) Josiah (2 Chron. 34-35). i) Zerubbabel (Ezra 1-6). j) Ezra (Ezra 7-10). k) Nehemiah (Neh. 1-13). l) Joel – (Joel 1-2:27).

God Himself raised up a leader who was under the heavy burden of the moral and spiritual needs of his people. The words of Moses in Exodus 32:32 forcefully emphasize this: “But now, if Thou wilt, forgive their sin – if not, please blot me out from Thy book which Thou hast written.”

4. Some Extraordinary Action. While this action varies from revival to revival, the most common action taken was that of a Solemn Assembly. Again, note the record in the revivals themselves: a) Moses – Ex. 33:7-11; called the people to the tent of meeting outside the camp; b) 1 Sam. 7:5, 6 – Samuel required all Israel to gather at Mizpah in a Solemn Assembly; c) 2 Sam. 6:14 – After illicitly moving the Ark of the Covenant on a new cart, David danced before the Lord with all his might in a linen ephod … acting like a common man… the Solemn Assembly is detailed in the parallel passage (1 Chron. 13-18); d) 2 Chron. 15:9-15 – Asa called a Solemn Assembly in Jerusalem; e) 2 Chron. 20:3-13ff – Jehoshaphat called a Solemn Assembly throughout all Judah and Jerusalem; f) 2 Chron. 23:16 – Jehoida, in a Solemn Assembly, covenanted between himself, the king, the people and the LORE and they cleansed the land of the evil; g) 2 Chron. 29:5ff – Hezekiah and the leaders decreed that all the people gather for a Solemn Assembly and to celebrate the Passover. Fourteen days were devoted to seeking the Lord and worshipping Him; h) 2 Chron. 3:31-33 – Josiah gathered the people together in a Solemn Assembly; i) Ezra 6:16-22 – Zerubbabel led the people in Solemn Assembly and seven days observing the Passover; j) Ezra 8:21-23; 9:5-15 – Ezra proclaimed a Solemn Assembly at the River Ahava. k) Neh. 8:1ff – A Solemn Assembly at the Water Gate; l) Joel 1:13; 2:12-17, etc. – Joel called a Solemn Assembly… the People, guilty of flagrant sin, were under judgment. But in response of corporate repentance through the divinely ordained Solemn Assembly… so great was the blessing bestowed by the God who delights in a broken and contrite people that He made up to them the years that were lost to the mighty army of locusts. The people had plenty and praised the Lord… They knew that God was in their midst, that He only was God, and that there was none other! (read Solemn Assembly, by Richard Owen Roberts, 1989; Click to Download – see more on Solemn Assembly at

Recent Solemn Assemblies – Three denominations: the Southern Baptists, the Assemblies of God, and the Church of God (Cleveland, TN,) held solemn assemblies in the early 90’s. Slowly but surely the understanding and importance of corporate repentance and solemn assembly – God’s people repenting and seeking forgiveness not just for their individuals sins, but for the corporate sins of our churches, our states, our cultural power centers (1) Family, 2) Civil Government, 3) Military, 4) Media, 5) Business, 6) Education, 7) The Church, and now, 8), Medicine, Science and Technology. We could list the grievous sins and sinful influence that each of these centers of power are having on every man, woman, and child in America. The sins of the founding era (though human slavery was a huge and glaring sin), were mild by comparison to those commonly practiced and even accepted in many of our churches, today.

But the sins imposed and promoted by our cultural power centers, today, and especially of our federal government have become more obvious and are at the point of being overwhelming. The consequences of these sins weigh upon all of us. And those upon whom they do not either lack conscience or are caught in some life-dominating work, recreation, or personal sin themselves that they are oblivious to the cesspool of sin into which our nation has fallen. Even if we have genuinely and wholeheartedly repented of our own sins, we share the guilt of the dominating sins of our communities, schools, states and nation – and all the more so, because we live in a nation whose government is of, by and for the people and we have a say both choosing our leaders and impacting the decisions they make.

That is why, in the Founding Era (pre-and-post) governors and presidents frequently called for state and national fasts – always calling for humiliation (self-humbling), confession, repentance, even during thanksgiving holidays. In times of national disaster and war, our presidents have called for extraordinary days of prayer. Some of our state governors and other state officials, church groups and others have called for solemn assemblies – In January, 2011 30,000 gathered in Houston, in response to then-Governor Rick Perry’s call for the first Call to Prayer “Response.” Over 30,000 believers from across the nation attended in person, acknowledging that our nation’s problems are bigger than we can solve without God’s help – and that sin is at the root of our problems. In January, 2015, several thousand participated in a Solemn Assembly in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Last Thursday several hundred participated in a solemn assembly in Columbus, Ohio, and on Saturday, several thousand participated in a “Response” prayer event in Charleston, South Carolina. In ancient Israel, solemn assemblies were a command performance. On July 20, 1775, the day appointed by the Continental Congress for America’s first nationwide fast following the outbreak of the War for Independence – 3 million Americans, nearly the entire population, rushed to their churches for a day of “humiliation, fasting and prayer.”

Such efforts have mustered only a small percentage of Americans today. But each solemn assembly, large or small, is a faith response to God’s call to 2 Chron. 7:14 and Joel 1:13-14; 2:12-18, an appropriate response given our nation’s desperate moral and spiritual need. Every church can take a serious preliminary step toward a national solemn assembly like we see depicted in the book of Joel. That is what the Call2Fall is all about: A local church, a home group or family, humbling themselves, spending at least 5 minutes on bended knee, crying out to God for our nation and the churches in our nation, seeking his mercy, forgiveness and godly change. God promises that if enough of us do that from the heart, He will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land. God is our nation’s ONLY HOPE (see Ohio 7:14; Columbus’s Day; Ohio Slideshow; Ohio Photos; Video – National Day of Prayer; Gov. Haley, South Carolina; Video, SA; Gov. Jindal Calls Louisiana S.A.; Video – LA, 2011 Perry, Houston, TX).

May God move speedily to stir pastors across America to adjust their schedules and routines, to lead their people in the Call2Fall, Sunday, June 28th, before Americans break out their picnic gear and the fireworks to celebrate yet another Independence Day, without much thought about our nation’s spiritual condition nor the Rock upon Whom our nation was built, may God’s people everywhere bow the knee to Him who alone, is able to save our faltering, sin-soaked nation. May God blow upon the Church and fan the flames of spiritual fire that will light America and the world again, and may we burn brightly until the Lord, Himself returns to receive us unto Himself! Dt 32:28-36; Pr 4:18;4:26-27; Is 45:22-24; 59: all; Joel 1:13-14; 2:12-18; Jonah 3:7-9; Rom 14:11-12; 2 Cor 6:12).

Is America ready to embrace unvarnished socialism? Fairfax County, Virginia is moving forward with a transgender, sexual spectrum curriculum despite the outcry from angry parents. But parents are mounting an effort to run candidates to fill every school board seat in the November election. Dr. Ronnie Floyd, who participated in the Solemn Assembly in Columbus, Ohio last Thursday, delivered his President’s Address yesterday to the annual gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention in Columbus, Ohio. His message was relevant to every American Christian regardless of denomination. FRC has produced a comprehensive new paper that answers the transgender movement, presently on the front page of every gossip magazine in America and elsewhere. Meanwhile, as the Obama administration continues to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, seven openly gay ambassadors/envoys have called for the president to use the trade authority (defeated in the House, but to be revisited) to force nations to embrace the homosexual agenda. Please pray for Tony Perkins and the FRC staff. We need your prayers. Thank you for praying!

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Prayer Targets: Britain’s Call2Fall; Time for America; Israel; SCOTUS: Marriage, Obamacare, More

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. Ps 50:15

FRC Senior Fellow Bob Morrison studied government and foreign affairs at U.VA (BA & MA). After further study (Hofstra, U.WA), Bob taught history and political science in High School and College before working at the Reagan Department of Education with Gary Bauer under Secretary William Bennett. He was later the first representative to Washington from the Lutheran Church (LCMS). He often points to prayer in the turning points of history.

What must it be like to know that your name is on a list of thousands of people to be shot? To know that your family will be hustled off to a concentration camp where few if any will emerge alive? How do you prepare for your country coming under the heel of a ruthless killer with all the latest technology?

Those were questions faced by leaders in Britain seventy-five years ago… Winston Churchill was named Prime Minister on May 10, 1940. Returning from Buckingham Palace… Churchill responded to the congratulations of his faithful bodyguard from Scotland Yard. “I only hope it’s not too late.”

Earlier that day Churchill had achieved his lifelong ambition and Adolf Hitler’s train made a sharp change of direction. Gliding noiselessly over specially prepared tracks, the train followed the Führer’s midnight orders… changed course from a northerly to the West… few snoring Nazis… even aware.

This day Hitler began hisBlitzkriegon the Western Front, combining a massive tank assault with air supremacy to crush the opposing armies. The King of Belgium surrendered exposing the entire French flank. The Queen of Holland took flight, arriving in England with only her dress and a tin hat… Soon, the outnumbered British Army in France was surrounded. Hitler had only to reach out his paw and he could crush that British Expeditionary Force (BEF) like a little bird.

Many British felt sick with fear. Diarist Harold Nicholson wrote that he and his wife, famed writer Vita Sackville-West, were planning to commit suicide if the Germans invaded… With Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium overrun, and France collapsing, British common folk did not succumb to fear. They didn’t know as much as the elites; they were sure they would “muddle through.” The commoners even seemed to welcome France’s exit from the war and described the coming Battle of Britain like a soccer game in which they would have the home field advantage.

Churchill knew his Conservative Party did not trust, even like him. His greatest Tory rival, Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, viewed Winston’s combative “fight them on the beaches” talk as “so much rot.” Halifax wanted to pursue peace talks through the Italian dictator Mussolini… Just having talks would give us a truce and time to evacuate our encircled army from the French beaches at Dunkirk.

Churchill saw talk about a British appeal to Hitler as fatal. It would demoralize the people. But Halifax also wanted a National Day of Prayer, and he had the support of King George VI… Americans whose only knowledge of George VI comes from the movie,The King’s Speech, may be surprised to know that the stammering monarch was a man of deep faith. Churchill did not have the power to dismiss this idea. But, if he gave in to Halifax on an NDOP, he could stall the Foreign Secretary on his terrible negotiation idea. When Churchill made one of his infrequent church appearances, the Vicar asked, “Prime Minister, I should like to tell my parishioners you are a pillar of the church.” Churchill rejoined: “You may tell them I am a buttress of the church; I support it from outside.”

But pray they did. And instead of the hoped-for 40,000 or 50,000 troops safely home from Dunkirk, Operation Dynamo resulted in 338,000 British, French, and Belgian troops brought off the beaches. Hundreds of British ships formed a vast unsinkable fleet, composed not only of warships, but of ferry boats, tugboats, excursion vessels, fishing smacks, and private yachts. All of this combined to create what even skeptical Prime Minister Churchill would call “a miracle of deliverance.” Many writers say Hitler had lost his last great opportunity.

One fact amazed the Dunkirk evacuees: the normally storm-tossed English Channel was “as smooth as a millpond.” No one thought they could bring off a third of a million troops because they all knew their waters…

The next time some sophisticate dismisses the Power of Prayer, or when TV talking heads sneer at efforts like FRC’s “Call2Fall,” we can confidently answer them with one word: DUNKIRK. (Bob Morrison, Praying for Deliverance, Dunkirk: 1940, 6-3-15, The Christian Post).

It is Time for Call2FallGod warned the Jewish people through Moses, “Beware that you do not forget theLordyour God by not keeping His commandments… lest—when all that you have is multiplied… you forget theLordyour God… If you by any means forget theLordyour God, and follow other gods, and serve them and worship them, I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish… because you would not be obedient to the voice of theLordyour God (Dt. 8:10-20).

Since 1775, when an estimated three million people in 13 American colonies sought the face of God on their knees at the request of the Continental Congress, our nation has been the most singularly God-blessed nation in the world. But His blessing has been interrupted and intermittent of late because we have forgotten God and not obeyed the voice of the Lord. The proof is in the fact that abortion, same-sex “marriage,” special rights and protections for those who practice LGBT behaviors, and all manner of immorality have become common-place in the culture and even the law of the land. As a result, Christians who hold to biblical morality are now being subjected to harassment, vandalism, and threats and some even prosecuted, fined, and fired from their jobs. Why? Simply because they believe what the Bible teaches: that human life is precious and marriage is the exclusive union of one man and one woman. Federal, state and local governments, big business, the military, educational institutions, the media, etc., are now working together to marginalize and punish those who hold to biblical and traditional convictions regarding morality, family and faith in God.

One sixth of the nation’s economy has been commandeered by an overreaching federal government and forced into a national healthcare system that mandates our tax dollars pay for abortions. Even churches in some states are not exempt. Yet Thomas Jefferson declared that “to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical” (Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, September 18, 1779).

The engine of free enterprise is being stifled by a federal government that openly redistributes wealth – taking money from those who work, save and give, to redistribute it not only to those who cannot, but to those who choose not to labor for their daily bread. This violation of the laws of God has produced a permanent underclass. Increasingly, middle class Americans are becoming dependent upon government subsidies with a goal of making every American subject to greater government control. Our children are taught that a comfortable lifestyle is their right and not the reward for their diligence and hard work. To finance these unsustainable policies, our elected federal leaders have voted year after year to spend a trillion dollars more than our government takes in. Our $18 trillion national debt mounts by $3 billion every day, leaving our children and grandchildren a tax burden they cannot possibly bear. George Washington warned against “ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burthen which we ourselves ought to bear” (Farewell Address, September 19, 1796).

Now our leaders are intentionally depleting American military power, converting an institution intended to defend our nation by fighting and winning wars into a massive social experiment. Prompted by the Obama Administration, they are mainstreaming LGBT behavior and thus subjecting our young warriors to an epidemic of homosexual assault – all for the sake of an immoral and blind ideology. Yet George Washington did not tolerate such behavior in the Continental Army, specifically drumming an officer out of military service “with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes” (Washington’s Orders, March 10, 1778).

At the federal level, many whom we have elected to lead seem blind to simple, fundamental truths and principles that even children understood in earlier days. In our government of, by and for the people, the founders intended for the citizens to select the best among them to serve as our leaders. In fact, Samuel Adams saw voting as a “solemn trust” for which we are “accountable to God” (Samuel Adams). Yet in some local elections, fewer than 10 percent of the voters exercise their right to vote for the mayor, the school board, the city council, etc. By failing to stand for and vote for biblical values, we have participated in the same kind of moral and cultural national decline that has led to world history being littered with fallen, even forgotten empires.

May God hear our cries on Sunday June 28th as millions unite on our knees in repentant prayer for America! Lord, you heard the cries of “3 millions of Americans” on their knees in 1775, delivered us from British tyranny and blessed our new nation. You heard the urgent cries of our British cousins in 1940 and rescued their sons, fathers and brothers from Dunkirk and the Nazis. Hear our urgent cries for America and preserve us from moral self-destruction. May Call2Fall be mightily used to further position our hearts for revival and reformation in America! (2 Chron. 7:13-14; Ps. 85:5-7; Dan. 9:3-19;Acts 3:19; Heb. 12:26-28)

Visit and click “I’m In.” Consider joining us to “pray without ceasing,” with our partners at the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation! Given all that is before us, this is a necessity!

Finally, please continue to pray for Israel and Revival in America’s churches; for the U.S. Supreme Court, which will likely issue its same-sex “marriage” ruling on June 29th or 30th, after Call2Fall, but it could also come any day. Please continue to pray for the Fairfax School Board, that it will heed parents and reject a new transgender health curriculum that teaches children ages 7-12 that sexual identity changes throughout one’s life (i.e., from hetero-to-homosexual-to-transgender, etc., essentially anything goes). This is in the 10th largest public school district in America and others will follow. Thank you for praying!

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Prayer Targets: Dear Pastor; Call2Fall; Watchmen on the Wall Going Forward; Transgender Curriculum

If the Foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chron. 7:14

As most who use the Prayer Targets know, the Call2Fall movement was born out of the belief that only a dramatic move of God in response to heartfelt repentance prayer and faith will turn the tide in America.  I know you share this view. Just weeks remain until the 7th annual Call2Fall, Sunday, June 28th.

Will you help us radically boost participation in Call2Fall during the next month? In 1775, when the 2nd Continental Congress called for a 13-colony-wide day of humiliation, prayer and fasting (see below Letter),

History tells us The First Continental Congress called for a day of public humiliation, fasting, and prayer throughout the Colonies on July 20th, 1775 just after the first shots had been fired in the War for Independence.  James Warren wrote Samuel Adams about that prayer observance:

Three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven, is a striking circumstance, and a very singular one in America. May the blessings of Heaven follow in answer to our prayers…

Indeed, God heard his people – believers in all 13 states huddled in their churches – men, women, boys and girls from every Christian denomination, laid down their differences to pray in unity for America. The Lord heard and the result was the thirteen colonies agreeing to declare their independence from Great Britain as a nation under God; military victory over the strongest army and navy on the face of the earth; establishment of a government with limited powers by a constitution that built in checks and balances against the powers of its elected officials, giving Americans the best hope of keeping their government, a government, under God, like no other nation in the history of the earth. It is our hope to see, once again, “Three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven” and that “the blessings of Heaven” will again “follow in answer to our prayers.”

God led Tony Perkins to launch Call2Fall in 2009 through a unique set of circumstances (read his story here). As of this writing, we have had 2,263,545 people who have either participated in the Call2Fall or pledged to participate this June. To have three million on our knees, nearly the entire nation in 1775 (a strong majority were sincere believers in Jesus Christ, the first Great Awakening having swept the colonies in the 1730s and 40s.) Just to equal the numbers of believers who humbled themselves on their knees in 1775, we will need another 736,455 believers to join between now and June 28th. 30 days from today. This is eminently doable. Just 2000 churches with 100 total, 1500 churches of 300 people, 150 churches of 1000 or more would take us well over 3 million.  Do numbers matter? God says “If my people…” (2 Chron. 7:14). What number of people sincerely repenting and responding to God’s promise in 2 Chronicles will satisfy his heart and move him to forgive our individual and national sins and heal our land? We do not know but we must respond!

Will you help us urgently motivate thousands of new churches, ministry groups and individuals who have never heard of the Call2Fall to become part of the movement and help lead millions of believers to fall on their knees, in humble acknowledgment of our individual and national dependence upon Almighty God, on the Sunday before the Fourth of July, before we celebrate our nation’s birthday?

Few things are as attractive as men and women, boys and girls worshiping the Lord with humble repentance – in the “beauty of holiness.” The Psalmist wrote:  “O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker” (1Chron. 16:29; 2 Chron. 20:21; Ps. 29:2; 95:6; 96:9; Is. 45:23; Rom. 14:11; Phil. 2:10). Sunday, June 28th, young and old, will fall on their knees in reverence for God, many, for the first time in their lives! 

Our nation’s pastors are the key. But we need you to work with us. We are contributing to the larger prayer movement. The Call2Fall story must be spread by word-of-mouth by all means: telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Please help.

1) Sign up yourself and your church or ministry, to participate, and also to host a Call2Fall;

2) Ask your church or network to prepare, participate, and tell friends about Call2Fall;

3) Share with your pastor ministry leader friends about Call2Fall and urge them to participate;

4) Use your web page and social media to spread the word about Call2Fall, Sunday June 28th;

5)      Pray that on June 28th, like the colonies on July 20, 1775, 240 years ago, America will have “three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven.”

Find resources on our website: quotes, logos, banners, etc. – see especially the Promo Page, letters, banners, videos and other Participants’ and Pastors’ resources to spread the word! Urge folks to “like us” on Facebook, and to post their prayers and comments! You can easily cut and paste Tony’s letter, above, and send to pastors.

With your help and God’s miraculous supply, God could easily add another 750,000 pastors and people to the movement during the next month. But time is of the essence. If you have a website, splash one of our banners linked to Call2Fall on your front page. Send a copy of or link to Tony’s invitation letter to your group, with a brief note of endorsement from you. Those you recruit could be the margin that takes us over the top! If those you communicate with do likewise with others, we could get the multiplication effect working for us.  God could easily take us over 3 million believers on their knees June 28th crying out to Him!

May God light new spiritual fires across America that will add momentum to the cause of Christ as we labor together!  May our labors be pleasing to the Lord and may our nation return to Him speedily (Ps. 85:4-9; Jer. 3:2; 21-23; Joel 1:14; 2:12-18; Acts 3:19-21; Gal. 6:7-10; 2 Thess. 3:13; Jude 1 17-25)!

The 12th annual Watchmen on the Wall Pastors Briefing in Washington, DC, was mightily blessed of God. The Lord’s presence was tangible. The preaching and teaching was life changing. Although the event was for pastors, anyone can view the plenary sessions Finally, many wrote regarding the Fairfax County School Boards 10-1 vote in favor of a transgender policy that will allow “fluid transgender” children – those who change their minds about their gender from day to day – regardless of the gender their DNA declares in every cell of their body. The same school board will vote on a new health curriculum that includes transgenderism on June 25th; public comment will be allowed through June 19th.

Please pray and help us with Call2Fall and this shocking bellwether vote in Fairfax County, the 10th largest public school district in America.  Thank you for praying!

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Witherspoon; NDP; If the Ruling is Bad; Pastors Briefing; Call2Fall & PrayUSA!

Dr. John Witherspoon (1723-1794), Scottish pastor and theologian, was persuaded by American patriots to leave Scotland in 1768 and to accept the Presidency of Princeton College. There he trained over 140 Presbyterian ministers, and a greater number of Founding Era political leaders. Among his students were 9 of 55 framers of the U.S. Constitution, a president (James Madison), a vice-president, 21 U.S. Senators, 29 U.S. Congressmen, 56 state legislators, and 33 judges, three of whom ascended to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the War for Independence his students held commands throughout the American forces. On May 17, 1775, the Continental Congress called the 13 colonies to unite, repent, pray and fast for America. That very day Witherspoon preached:

I would… press every hearer to a sincere concern for his own soul’s salvation. There are times when the mind [is] more awake to divine truth… to the arrows of conviction [e.g., a season of public judgment]… Can you have a clearer view of the sinfulness of your nature, than when the rod of the oppressor is lifted up, and when you see men putting on [uniforms for war], and collecting on every hand the weapons of hostility and instruments of death? I do not blame your ardor in preparing for the resolute defense of your temporal rights; but consider, I beseech you, the truly infinite importance of the salvation of your souls…

This is the first time of my introducing any political subject into the pulpit. At this season, however, it is not only lawful but necessary, and I willingly embrace the opportunity… the cause in which America is now in arms, is the cause of justice, of liberty, and of human nature… the confederacy of the colonies has not been the effect of pride, resentment, or sedition, but of a deep and general conviction that our civil and religious liberties, and consequently… the temporal and eternal happiness of us and our posterity, depend on the issue. The knowledge of God and his truths have from the beginning of the world been chiefly, if not entirely confined to those parts of the earth where some degree of liberty and political justice were… There is not a single instance in history, in which civil liberty was lost, and religious liberty preserved… If therefore we yield up our temporal property, we at the same time deliver the conscience into bondage.

You shall not, my brethren, hear from me in the pulpit… railing at the king personally… his ministers… the parliament, [or the] people of Britain [calling them] barbarous savages. Many of their actions have probably been worse than their intentions. That they should desire unlimited dominion, if they can obtain or preserve it, is neither new nor [strange in world history]. I do not refuse submission to their unjust claims because they are corrupt or profligate, although probably many of them are so, but because they are [but] men, and therefore liable to all the selfish bias [that is] inseparable from human nature. I call this claim unjust… making laws to bind us in all cases whatsoever… Would any man who could prevent it, [yield] up his estate, person, and family, to the disposal of his neighbor, [even if he could choose] the wisest and the best master? Surely not. This is the true… hinge of the controversy between Great-Britain and America… [Their] claim of authority is unjust. Such is and must be their ignorance of the state of things here… that for these colonies to depend wholly upon the legislature of Great-Britain, would be like many other oppressive connections, injury to the master, and ruin to the slave (see John Witherspoon, “The Dominion of Providence over the Passions of Men,” May, 1776, Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 1730-1805, Vol. 1, Ellis Sandoz; p. 529; see also Dr. Kenyn Cureton’s Lost Episode in American History).

Witherspoon firmly believed that sin is ingrained in human nature. Unchecked, the Supreme Court, the White House, even Congress, can be spiritually dull, morally hardened, and make bad, even evil decisions because these governing entities are composed of humans. Too many American officials are willing to usurp the Constitutional religious liberties Americans have enjoyed for over 225 years. The Obama administration certainly has. Will the Supreme Court do likewise? Do they not know that true Christians will choose to suffer than compromise their liberty of conscience and comply with government demands to act contrary to their deeply held biblical beliefs? (Acts; 5:29; Rev 12:11)

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Prayer Targets: NDP; Military Sexual Assault, Low Morale, Women in Combat; SCOTUS, Israel; More

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment. Of Zebulun, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, with all instruments of war, fifty thousand, which could keep rank: they were not of double heart. 1 Chronicles 12:32-33

Dear Praying Friends,

Tomorrow, Thursday May 7th, is the National Day of Prayer. The United States of America was born in and through repentant, wholehearted prayer. Prayer was the key to every major turning point in our history. Thomas Jefferson’s 1774 call to prayer to “implore the Divine Interposition for averting the heavy Calamity, which threatens Destruction to our civil Rights, and the Evils of civil War; to give us one Heart and one Mind firmly to oppose, by all just and proper Means, every Injury to American Rights…” united and readied Virginia to stand with the New England patriots in opposition to the British Crown. After the first shots were fired in April, 1775, the Second Continental Congress’ June call for united prayer brought all thirteen colonies to their knees before God. Their repeated “Appeal to Heaven,” 15 times over the eight year conflict, spiritually solidified the diverse colonies and made possible their united Declaration of Independence and miraculous victory over Great Britain. It could also be argued that it laid the foundation for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the framework for what has been the freest, most blessed nation in history, all due to God’s grace. Too many Americans have forgotten the Source of America’s blessings (see Dt 8). Sadly that unity, foundation and blessing have been unraveling at lightning speed.

The late Dr. J. Edwin Orr, in his booklet, Prayer and Revival, quoted Dr. A.T. Pierson as saying that every spiritual awakening is born out of concerted, united, sustained prayer.

John Erskin, a Scottish Presbyterian minister, wrote a pamphlet, pleading with God’s people to unite in prayer for the revival. He sent a copy to Jonathan Edwards in New England, mightily used of God in the first Great Awakening. Edwards responded by writing a book: “A Humble Attempt to Promote Explicit Agreement and Visible Union of all God’s People in Extraordinary Prayer for the Revival of Religion and the Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth, pursuant to Scripture Promises and Prophecies….”

But after the Revolutionary war, the effects of the first Awakening had all but disappeared and America found itself in a state of profound moral decay. Drunkenness and shocking profanity were epidemic. Women would not go out at night for fear of assault. Bank robberies occurred daily. Once vital Christian denominations were all in decline. U.S. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote James Madison, that the Church ‘was too far gone ever to be redeemed.’ Voltaire predicted and Thomas Paine agreed, that “Christianity will be forgotten in thirty years.”

A poll at Harvard found not one believer in the student body. Two were found at Princeton, but only five students did not belong to the “filthy speech movement.” Students rioted. A mock communion was held at Williams College, and anti-Christian plays at Dartmouth. They burned down Nassau Hall at Princeton, forced the resignation of Harvard’s president, stole the Bible from a New Jersey church and burned it in a public bonfire. Christians met secretly on campus and kept minutes in code so that no one would know. But prayer changed things!

In 1794, when things were at their worst Baptist pastor Isaac Backus addressed another urgent plea for prayer for revival to pastors of every Christian denomination in the United States. Pastors grasped the urgency and adopted his plan. America became interlaced with a network of prayer meetings, and churches set aside the first Monday of each month to pray. Before long, revival came, and the Second Great Awakening ensued. Dr. Orr asks, “Is not this what is missing so much from all our evangelistic efforts: explicit agreement, visible unity, unusual prayer? (See Prayer and Revival)

Christianity is again in moral decay. Our faith is under assault by our federal and many state and local governments. Ought not each of us to observe the National Day of Prayer this Thursday, Call2Fall on Sunday, June 28th, and other efforts throughout the year to facilitate explicit agreement, visible unity, and unusual prayer?

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