Forty Days of Seeking God: United Prayer for Revival and Elections

Introduction, Part 2

America’s forty-plus-year moral collapse has accelerated steadily regardless of whether conservatives or liberals were in the White House. While elections matter and for many important reasons, a pure and revived Church is the only real hope for this nation! Even if an election goes the way some Christians hope, it would be utterly foolish to think the root problem is solved. Political elections are not the same as revival in the Church. Regardless of the results of any election, believers must not become complacent! Today’s critical need is a true revival and return to God far beyond than anything we have seen in over 150 years.

These prayers reflect a preeminent focus on returning to God. And while there is some focus on elections and leaders, the prayers promote no particular individuals or political parties. The focus is only on God’s sovereign direction and blessing. Any sincere Christian can pray these prayers with his or her whole heart. Obviously, each person will decide privately which candidates or issues most represent God’s heart. That decision is between each person and God alone.

A Time for 24/7 Prayer and Fasting!

“Seeking God to Rain Down His Righteousness”

(Isaiah 62:7; Hosea 10:12)

Because times are so desperately urgent, it is time to seek God 24/7 for revival and direction in our land. In our prayers and repentance, we must “give God no rest until He comes and rains righteousness upon us!” (Isaiah 62:7; Hosea 10:12) The sixteen prayers (and accompanying covenant) are powerful for uniting believers’ prayers on specific points of focus. In a real sense, they represent the intensive spiritual warfare that is our only hope. May God grant us the will and power to truly return to Himself (Philippians 2:13). Concerning prayer and repentance, the days for “business as usual” are long past!

Forty Days of Seeking God is unique in that believers daily pray through at least two biblical prayers for revival and for God’s guidance in our nation. Over the forty days, participants pray through all of the various prayers several times. There is also a built-in flexibility to pray as the Holy Spirit guides, not by some rigid formula. For those who use only the prayers (and not the main book), they will follow a similar pattern minus the deep daily cleansing. By using these strategic biblical prayers, believers learn to intercede with far greater specificity and thoroughness. Above all, they are co-laboring with God by genuinely praying His heart. Such prayer is the very essence of spiritual warfare and sweeping revival.

Rather than simply reciting the prayers in this tool, I strongly urge readers to prayerfully meditate on their unique spiritual focus and the meaning behind them. Do not rotely recite or casually scan these prayers. Ask God to help you pray these points from your heart in the power of God’s Spirit. The prayers are designed for personal, small groups or corporate prayer meetings. They are especially powerful for united 24/7 emphases that are local or nation-wide. Prayerfully consider their strategic meaning.

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