Pray for Persecuted Saints and Rapid Gospel Advancement in Lands of Darkness

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body (Heb 13:3; also Lk Ps 144:1-15; Eph 6:18-20; 1 Pet 4:1-2).

It is God’s heart to grant comfort, grace, provision and power to His persecuted saints. He also purposes that believers be mindful, prayerful and supportive of other believers in difficulty. (1 Cor 13:26; Heb 13:3) Because of God’s great compassion, it is crucial for Christians to have concern for the global body of Christ. We are not to become over-preoccupied with just our own immediate local or national needs. It would be the height of arrogance and selfishness to act as if God’s kingdom only revolved around believers in our own city, state, country or denomination.

Americans should count it a high priority to pray for strategic nations like China and India. God is so mightily at work in these nations that they may very well be the greatest hope for a global spiritual awakening! In many ways, believers in lands of persecution are always priority one in God’s heart and kingdom. They are top priority for at least two reasons. (1) God’s compassion always moves His heart toward believers who are in serious suffering. (2) Many persecuted believers are in lands most strategic to proclaiming Christ to the unreached masses.

As believers, we should also focus on faithful persecuted saints because we desperately need to embrace their same willingness to faithfully witness and suffer for Christ. When we consistently pray for persecuted saints, we are both instructed and inspired by their example. Not only do persecuted saints need and deserve our support, we need to learn from their example! Unless there is a great spiritual awakening in America, persecutions will become far more intense in coming days. May God grant us the same spirit of suffering joyfully for the Savior. (Acts 5:41)

  • Blessed God, we praise You for a love worth living and dying for! Forgive us when we become selfish and forget our brothers and sisters who are persecuted. Lord, we cry out for powerful grace upon believers in lands of darkness. Grant them boldness, wisdom and love for their persecutors. Please empower their witness and direct their efforts. We pray for their protection, provision, power and grace. Fill them with the knowledge their eternal rewards will be infinitely greater than their suffering. Empower us with the same willingness to endure in sufferings. Lord, please remove the spiritual blindness from the cultures in darkness. Destroy Satan’s efforts to blind and deceive. Please send swift gospel advancement in lands of atheism and false religion. Holy God, help us realize our own nation must also now be called a land of darkness. Remove Satan’s blinders from Americans and help them recognize the lies of atheism and false religions.”

  • Lord, I repent and commit to pray regularly for persecuted believers and explosive gospel advancement in strategic lands of darkness. (Let God guide you to pray for specific people and places.) I trust You to fill me with compassion for the persecuted and the power to suffer for Christ myself. As a church, we repent of neglecting to pray for persecuted saints around the world.

(Praying God’s Heart in Times Like These! “A Covenant to Seek the Reviver Not Just Revival, © Dr. Gregory Frizzell, 2009,,, by permission from the author. Download Covenant)

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