Prayer Targets: Hoover; Socialism; Obamacare’s Decline, Abortion & the Supreme Court; Obama & Islam

The Lord sent raiders to destroy Judah… in order to remove them from his presence because of the sins of Manasseh… including the shedding of innocent blood. For he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and the Lord was not willing to forgive. 2 Kings 24:1-5 NIV

Herbert Hoover(1874-1964), was 31st President of the United States (1929–33). Raised a Quaker, he became a successful mining engineer and businessman. A Republican, Hoover served as Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge. These excerpts are from his 1928 presidential campaign speech: Rugged Individualism”:

During 150 years we have built a form of self-government and a social system which is peculiarly our own. It differs essentially from all others in the world. It is the American system…. It is founded upon the conception that only through ordered liberty, freedom and equal opportunity to the individual will his initiative and enterprise spur on the march of progress. And in our insistence upon equality of opportunity has our system advanced beyond all the world.

During [World War I] we necessarily turned to the government to solve every difficult economic problem. The government having absorbed every energy of our people for war, there was no other solution. For the preservation of the state the Federal Government became a centralized despotism which undertook unprecedented responsibilities, assumed autocratic powers, and took over the business of citizens. To a large degree, we regimented our whole people temporally into a socialistic state. However justified in war time, if continued in peace-time it would destroy not only our American system but with it our progress and freedom as well.

When the war closed, we were challenged with a… choice between the American system of rugged individualism and a European philosophy of diametrically opposed doctrines ­of paternalism and state socialism. The acceptance of these ideas would have meant the destruction of self-government through centralization [and] the undermining of the individual initiative and enterprise through which our people have grown to unparalleled greatness.

The Republican Party [after the war] resolutely turned its face away from these practices…. it went at once resolutely back to our fundamental conception of the state and the rights and responsibility of the individual. Thereby it restored confidence and hope in the American people, it freed and stimulated enterprise, it restored the government to a position as an umpire instead of a player in the economic game. Thus the American people have gone forward in progress….

[In this election]… the American people face a question of fundamental principle. Shall we depart from the principles of our American political and economic system, upon which we have advanced beyond all the rest of the world? … The effect would reach to the daily life of every man and woman. It would impair the very basis of liberty and freedom….

It is a false liberalism [i.e., non-pro-liberty]… Every step of bureaucratizing of the business of our country poisons the very roots of liberalism ­that is political equality, free speech, free assembly, free press and equality of opportunity. It is not the road to more liberty, but to less liberty. Liberalism [governed by liberty] should not be striving to spread bureaucracy but striving to set bounds to it….

Liberalism is a force truly of the spirit, a force proceeding from the deep realization that economic freedom cannot be sacrificed if political freedom is to be preserved. [An expansion of the government’s role in the business world] would cramp and cripple the mental and spiritual energies of our people. It would extinguish equality and opportunity. It would dry up the spirit of liberty and progress… I again repeat that the departure from our American system… will jeopardize the very liberty and freedom of our people, and will destroy equality of opportunity not only to ourselves, but to our children (read the unedited speech at

Socialism is a curse to any nation! Dr. George H. Nash delivered a lecture on Hoover’s Crusade against Collectivism at FRC yesterday. Watch it online HERE and please pray!

Obamacare & Planned Parenthood Killing America – In January the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported that Obamacare premiums increased by 9% in 2015. But Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, which analyzes all publicly available information from and state insurance departments, using weighted averages, found that overall premium increases were actually 14.9%. Minnesotan’s premium’s increased a whopping 47.7%; 49 of 50 states had increases, 29 in the double-digits. Deductibles are also rising, the new “silver plan” has a $3000 deductible, 8% more than last year. In 2014, 7.5 million Americans paid the IRS penalty ($969 this year) rather than be forced to buy Obamacare. The CBO predicts that only 13 million people will enroll this year, 8 million below expectations. Of those, 11 million will receive taxpayer subsidies. The CBO predicts a $30 Trillion National Debt in ten years, due largely to Obamacare – a disaster!  

Two leading presidential contenders are championing federal government controlled healthcare programs – one a continuation of Obamacare, the other a single-payer system that the federal government would manage. Even though history proves that socialism does not work, the Democrat-led Congress forced Obamacare upon us in 2009. On December 3rd the Senate voted to repeal much of Obamacare and to take away 80% of taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood via a reconciliation bill. The House passed the measure (240-181) and sent it to the president January 6th. He quietly vetoed it on January 8th. Yesterday, the House took a vote to override (a 2/3 supermajority from both houses required), and it failed. The effort was not in vain. A pro-life president, if elected in November, will likely join Congress to repeal Obamacare and eliminate taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood early in his term.

The U.S. Supreme Court has or will consider eight cases that deal with abortion this term. On March 2nd the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Texas Abortion Clinic Standards Case (H.B.2), which places common sense requirements for abortion clinics in that state. Pro-lifers are hopeful, since in January they declined to hear cases to uphold North Dakota’s law banning abortion after 6 week, and Arkansas’ ban after 2 weeks.

God forgave evil King Manasseh personally when he repented (2 Chr 33). Yet despite the intervening reign of his grandson, Josiah (2 Chr 34-35), who brought godly reform to the nation, God brought down judgment upon Judah during Jehoiakim’s reign. Jerusalem was destroyed and the people exiled to Babylon due to the wholesale bloodshed of Manasseh, “which the Lord would not pardon” (2 Kgs 24:3-5). Unless we repent as a nation for the abortion of nearly 60 million unborn infants, neither can we avoid God’s righteous judgment! (see Real Victory of the Reconciliation-Override Effort; Wallet Busting Obamacare; Americans Abandoning Obamacare; 30 Trillion National Debt?; Abortion in Obamacare?; PROLIFECON; Texas Case & SCOTUS; Alan Parker; Texas Values;  see also Abortion Activists Angry over Super Bowl Ads; Bound for Life).

  • May we pray, fast, humble ourselves, and seek God’s face for MERCY! May God give us godly reformers like Josiah, whose leadership will stave off our judgment due for the shedding of innocent blood, and give us time to win America back to Him. May the trend toward a more pro-life America only accelerate. May God grant a strong pro-life ruling by the Supreme Court in the Texas Case AND grant us a strong pro-life president in November! (Ex 18:21; Dt 30:19; Pr 28:13; Joel 2:12-18; Hab 3:2;Mt 17:21; Eph 6:10-20; Heb 11: all; Rev 12:11)

Europe acknowledges Christian Genocide; Obama Praises Islam, DHS Protected Extremists – On the eve of the National Prayer Breakfast, Pres. Obama shocked Christians by attending a Baltimore mosque with historic links to prominent terrorists to deliver eulogy of Islam. This was perhaps his most extravagant yet, lamenting “inexcusable political rhetoric” that has resulted in the mistreatment of American Muslims. While the president has been unwilling to identify radical Islam as America’s enemy or ISIS’ slaughter of Christians as genocide, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling ISIS’ “murderous campaign nothing less than genocide.” On Friday retired DHS investigator Phil Haney wrote in The Hill that the data he collected from years investigating Muslim terrorists in the U.S. and abroad was ordered deleted from the agency’s database. Haney has testified before Congress and elsewhere that his research would have helped experts to “connect the dots” and possibly prevented the Boston Marathon bombing and the San Bernardino massacre, but it was scrapped for the sake of political correctness. Though experts say it will change little, the King of Morocco convened a summit of several hundred Muslim imams and scholars from across the Muslim world who fashion the Marrakesh Resolution, a call to Muslim nations to recognized the human rights of religious minorities (see President Laments Treatment of Muslims; Text; Inaccurate; Nonsense, Dangerous; DHS Ordered Me to Scrub Records; Morocco Summit; EU: Christian Genocide!).

  • May God help our president do right! May voters elect a Congress and president who meet the requirements of Exodus 18:21 and who will 1) support Christians around the world; 2) condemn genocide; 3) rightly and plainly identify the enemies of our nation; 4) resist and defeat them and keep Americans and our allies safe (Dt 28: all, esp. v. 7; 1 Kgs 2:2; 2 Kgs 24:3-5; Neh 4:14; Rom 13:3-4).

Finally: please pray for the Pastors Awakening Summit this March 4th in Orlando, FL – cosponsored by FRC’s Watchmen on the Wall, Vision America, Florida Family Policy Council, and Liberty Counsel’s (get details and register HERE). Pastors and wives will receive complimentary admission to the event, hotel room, and admission to Liberty Council’s The Awakening 2016, Saturday, March 5th (2,000+ Christian Activists). In nearby Vero Beach, on Thursday morning, March 3rd, at 7:30 AM, businessman and Christian patriot John Bona will host the Annual Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast, the largest city prayer breakfast of its kind in America. Tony Perkins will be the keynote speaker. Tell your pastor and Florida friends about these great events. Our good friend, Bob Vander Plaats, president of Iowa’s The Family Leader and author of If 7:14 have built a new free iPhone app to help facilitate daily prayer for revival in our nation. Get it HERE! And thank you for praying! 

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