God still judges nations for their sins—just as He still judges individuals. The Bible is clear: “You may be sure that your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23).

After all, God hasn’t changed over the centuries; He is holy and pure, and whenever we scorn Him, we run the risk of incurring His judgment. Sin is an offense to Him—and the reason is because sin is a deliberate denial of God and His will for our lives. When we sin, we deliberately turn our backs on God and say our way is better than His. But we are wrong—and eventually we will pay the price. The Bible warns that “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23).

The same is true of a nation that rejects God. When ancient Israel turned against God, the prophets warned that God’s judgment would eventually come upon them—and it did. But God also warned that the surrounding nations would be judged too because they had no regard for God—and they were. Sometimes it happens in one great catastrophe; sometimes it happens in a series of smaller disasters and defeats. But it happens.

How long can a nation scorn God before He brings judgment upon them? Only God knows the answer—but His patience has its limits. Pray for our nation, that God will bring us back to Himself before it is too late—and let it begin with you, as you turn to Christ in repentance and faith

Billy Graham, BGEA

  • Father, how long can we scorn you? It was 1962 when our Supreme Court ruled that we may not bring our school children to you with prayer. In 1963 it was Bible reading. In 1973, we legalized the murder of babies yet in the womb. In 2003 we legalized sexual perversion that your word calls abomination. In 2013 our Supreme Court ruled that taxpayers must pay over 1000 federal benefits to persons of the same sex who choose to desecrate the ordinance of marriage as you delivered to mankind in the garden, the institution you intended uniquely to reflect the union between your Son and the Church. Your judgments are already all around us: wars, terrorism, mass murders, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, broken homes, rampant pornography, abortion, substance abuse, prisons overflowing, economic troubles, and overreaching government that commands men to disobey God and defile their conscience? How much blinder can we become? What will it take for us to see your displeasure and to feel the conviction of sin. God, help us to see. Send sweeping conviction. Help us to repent deeply, radically. May our lives change; may we detach ourselves from worldly pleasures; and may we consecrate ourselves to accomplish your will in these challenging times. Cause the principles behind Call2Fall to become common knowledge. Men believers and churches apply those principles, not just on certain days, but every day. Please bring us back to Yourself! In Jesus’ Name. Amen! (Lev 26:4; Jer 15:19-21; 0-42; Mal 3:7-12; Acts 2:38 ff; Acts 3:19).

Pierre Bynum

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