What made our nation great was our acknowledgment and dependence upon God. The blessings and strength our nation has experienced…have all come from the hand of God, but somewhere along the way we forgot Who brought us to this place, deciding, instead, to take matters into our own hands… 

There is a remedy… but it will require the response of the people of God with repentance and prayer (see 2 Chr 7:14)!  “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Is 30:15).  Our healing will come when the family of God is willing to respond (see 1 Pet 4:17)… Corrie ten Boom said, “The enemy finds great humor when we are up to our ears in work, but he trembles in fear when we are on our knees in prayer.”

E.M. Bounds writes, “The Church on its knees would bring heaven upon the earth.”…  We can do nothing, achieve nothing, and accomplish nothing of any eternal value apart from the Lord (see John 15:5). When we neglect prayer we leave the Lord out of His work and we become a hindrance to the kingdom.  May we get out of the way by getting on our knees, becoming a help instead of a hindrance!

Traci Alexander, Trumpet & Torch Ministries

  • Lord, please forgive us for our arrogance; for believing that we have a right to choose, behaviors and habits and plans and purposes from our own imaginations, without reference to Almighty God and without consulting our Heavenly Father and your Holy Word. How many mistakes we have made as individuals, as families, and as a nation because of choosing to be independent from You. Lord, we acknowledge our utter dependence for breath, for life, for every provision for every human need, upon You. How much more complicated matters of the affairs of nations? Forgive us for our arrogance. Help us to humble ourselves; and leaning upon You, to trust and obey You in all things and at all times (see Gen 2:7; Job 33:4-9; Ps 104:27-30; Acts 17:25; Titus 3:5).

Prayer by Pierre Bynum  

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