After Call2Fall: Consecrate the People

Call2Fall: Consecrate the People from Claude V King on Vimeo.

  • Lord our greatest sin is being “our own man,” “our own woman,” of doing “our own thing.” Our greatest national sin is our independence, not from Great Britain or some other foreign entity, but as independence from God, and Your Eternal law-order. We think we are free, as our US Supreme Court just demonstrated, to make up our own laws. We have abandoned You, our very Creator. Help us now, wholeheartedly, to return to the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.
  • May we be wholly consecrated to You, knowing that we must bow our knee on yet another day and give an account for our lives to May we be consecrated as Your witnesses: holy, bold, strong in faith, powerful in testimony, both word and deed, anointed because we spend meaningful time in your presence, and arise with fresh oil for healing and the fresh, life-giving water of life with which to save the lives of dying men and omen. As we consecrate ourselves to prayer and fasting, and obedience may we see revival in Your Church and another Great Awakening in our nation that exalts You, Lord, to your rightful place as the Supreme, Lawgiver and Judge of our nation to whom all men must one day bow (Ex 30:30; Joel 2:12-18; Rom 12:1-2; Heb 10:19-25).
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