Introducing Call2Fall 2013, Part 1

Dear Pastors and Christian Friends,

In introducing the Call2Fall Blog I want you to know just how the idea came about.

As a two-term member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, and for five years, President of the Family Research Council, I have been actively involved in the sphere of public policy-making, I have labored to defend faith, family and freedom by crafting and supporting policy that is family and church friendly and by fighting laws and proposals that are not. I’ve worked to educate the public, and especially believers in Jesus Christ, about legislation and government initiatives that will have an adverse effect upon the family and the ministry of the church. I am especially interested in serving pastors, providing them with tools to be spiritual “Watchmen on the Wall” to our nation and a moral conscience to the politicians who make our laws. With that in mind, I speak often in churches and pastors groups around the country. The Church, not politics, is the key to real “change” in our society.

Recently, I was in California, meeting with national conservative Christian leaders from various spheres of American life: business, finance, church, politics, education and media. They came together to confer over strategy to influence national policy for good, especially as it pertains to the family and to the moral direction of the nation.

Given our nation’s current political and financial climate, there was a sense of unsettledness and apprehension. Longtime leaders seemed to grasp for answers, “What are we going to do?”  “What is the plan?”

I have attended many meetings with leaders who hope to restore a conservative majority in America.  Yet, despite multiplied meetings and strategy sessions, there have been no convincing answers to these questions. Most of the answers offered are little more than replays from former times that that ring hollow and meaningless today.

As many of the recognized leaders of the pro-family movement have moved or are moving off the scene, I find these questions increasingly directed to me. To be perfectly honest, I do not have the answers.  I understand the political realm – how to organize; how to craft policy.  But I also know that our political troubles are not our real problem; they are just a symptom.  Our real problem runs much deeper; we are a nation adrift politically because we are adrift spiritually.

To be continued…


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