Forty Days of Seeking God: “United Prayers for Revival and Elections”

The Prayer at Valley Forge (© Arnold Friberg, 2008, used by permission, see

Gregory Reed Frizzell

Prayers begin Friday, September 28th at!

United Prayer for Revival and Elections

(2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalms 11:3, 1 Timothy 2:1-3)

Because America’s greatest need is unquestionably spiritual, I am providing biblical prayers that combine praying for revival and major elections. Above all, these prayers are mostly about returning to God in genuine revival. They are not about promoting particular candidates or parties. As always, believers’ first and foremost concern must be the spiritual condition of our land, not politics! One thing is certain — if sweeping moral and spiritual transformation takes place, politics will largely take care of itself. These unique prayers are biblically based and spiritually strategic for revival and national decision-making. They are especially designed for personal, corporate and 24/7 emphases.

For seeking God’s face, the prayers in this section are equally powerful for personal, small group or corporate prayer.

By using the accompanying Scriptures, churches can teach through the prayers. Pastors may incorporate some of the prayers into their prayer meetings and worship services during the forty days prior to the Election. It is vital to pray for God’s guidance in campaigns and major debates leading up to elections. They are especially powerful for use both on and before election days. Many churches will have their people pray through all the prayers on major election days and the day or two prior.

May we always remember that our faith is in God, not in particular political parties or human leaders. Nationwide transformation depends far more on conditions in the Church-house than who is in the White House!

Forty Days of Seeking God: “For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders” © 2012 Gregory R. Frizzell, Master Design Publishing,, Available individually and in bulk

Pray with us each day, September 28th thru November 6th at!

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