We Must “Decide” to Fully Embrace Christ’s Heart (It Will Not Happen by Accident!)

One thing is certain — seriously embracing Christ’s heart will not happen without a real commitment. Deep intimacy with God will not happen by accident. Dear saint, it is my deepest prayer you and your church will embrace the Savior’s call to seriously seek His face. If thousands of believers and churches fully embraced this covenant (or one similar,) God would indeed “rend the heavens” in sweeping revival! (Isaiah 64:1)

I list twelve covenant prayers for revival and spiritual awakening (see Covenant Prayers). This primary covenant is designed for easy use in personal, small group or corporate prayer. It can also be adopted as an official covenant by churches, denominations and groups. For convenience, I also list a second covenant that includes additional prayers for broader kingdom focus. Appendices B through H are practical tools for all aspects of seeking God’s face in powerful prayer. The time is now — Jesus is surely calling us to seek His face and kingdom. May we say unto Him, “Thy face O Lord I will seek.” (Psalms 27:81) Let us seek Him while He may yet be found! (Isaiah 55:6)

An important note to readers: This unique covenant calls for serious ongoing commitment to powerful personal and corporate prayer. It also commits to embracing a meaningful pattern of deep heart search and surrender to Jesus. While of course, no one is perfect, this covenant is far more than meaningless general phrases. Do not just “say” these words, Trust God’s grace to help you mean it. He will surely do His part!

  • Heavenly Father, lead us into deep repentance; let today be just the beginning. Reveal to us the condition of our hearts in the light of Your word. Lead us in repentance. We acknowledge that we have not prayed as we ought.Teach us to pray.
  • You have called our churches to be Houses of Prayer, yet our prayer meetings have become weak and emaciated. Teach us to pray in this urgent hour. Make our pastors strong. Grant us god-fearing spiritual leaders. Grant them godly influence  across the nation. Let Biblical wisdom and reason be heard in the public square. May Your Spirit burn Your word into their hearts. Use them like You did Spirit-filled clergymen in the Great Awakening and in the founding era.
  • Send revival to Your churches. Grant repentance to denominations that have strayed from Your holy word.  Multiply corporate repentance, prayer and solemn assemblies. Your heart longs to turn us back to You, to cleanse and to heal our land.
  • Help us to stand in the gap for our fellow countrymen – for those who seem to have no conviction of sin. Intervene Lord! Awaken us to sin, righteousness and judgment, and the grace that can be ours through Christ!  Raise up intercessors who will stand in the gap for America. Your promises and the shed blood of Jesus are more than sufficient to cleanse our hearts and to heal our land. May Your people arise to share the gospel in our neighbors in a measure unprecedented in modern history.
  • Raise up faithful, godly counselors who will speak truth to our leaders. Turn our civil leaders to You. Raise up leaders in the coming election who are qualify for public leadership according to Your word, men and women: 1) who are capable leaders; 2) who fear God; 3) who love truth; and, 4) who hate covetousness (Ex 18:21). Make us to be salt and light! We cry out to You, today, in Jesus’ Wonderful Name, Amen!

(from Praying God’s Heart in Times Like These! © 2009, Dr. Gregory Frizzell, www.frizzellministries.org, www.masterdesign.org/frizzell.html ), by special permission)

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