Lord, Save Our Nation & Spark a Global Revival

These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.

Acts 17:6

In barely three-hundred years they did it! They turned the world upside down. The rag-tag band of disciples transformed the pagan Roman Empire into a Christian nation. They faced the lions. They put out the fires of persecution. They shut down the pagan shrines. Wow! We cannot even imagine such an impact on our culture.

And they did it without political action committees, without pressure on Roman Senators. They did it through prayer, systematic city-by-city church planting and by an empowering every-member-a-witness philosophy.

And then, suddenly, having won – they lost. As pagans flooded into the new popular churches endorsed by a Christian Emperor, the church failed to disciple its new converts. They failed to insist that the same strategy they had used to conquer paganism – every believer living in vital connection to God – was also necessary to sustain the movement. They let the lights go out. And what followed were the dark ages.

We are letting it happen again. With a passive laity that is deeply dependent on clergy and worship events that are performance driven, we are losing the culture.

  • God have mercy on us. For your glory and the sake of your bride, infuse your church with a renewal of the Holy Spirit. Cause Christians to burst forth with fire in their hearts and blazing message of repentance honored by your convicting, silencing presence. Save the nation from itself. Hear the prayers of your people. Let the earth see a nation saved – turned back to you, and let it spark a global revival.

Rev. P. Douglas Small, Project Pray, Awakening America

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