Cry Out for an Explosion of Sound Doctrine, Balanced Theology with Full Exaltation of God’s Glory and Grace

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.—  (1 Tim 1:17, see also 1 Chr 29:10-13; Is 42:8; 1 Cor 1:29; Eph 1:3-6, 2:7-9😉

God purposes that His people continually proclaim sound doctrine, holiness and the glory of His grace. Only in truly knowing and exalting God do we find full life and meaning. All life, glory and truth are in God alone. Our very reason for existence is to know, love and glorify God for Who He truly is. The heart of Scripture is to declare God’s holiness, glory and grace in Christ. The predominant biblical message is God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness and his utter dependence upon grace in Jesus. Humankind has immeasurable value for one primary reason — we are made in God’s eternal image and are valuable to Him.

In reality, all meaning and truth revolves around God and His glory, not us. Biblical theology and right doctrines not only matter — they are everything! Indeed, spiritual truth is the foundational essence of all we are and do. Jesus proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6, emphasis added) For these reasons, sound biblical doctrine and theology are the very heart of discipleship, evangelism and worship. When God is proclaimed in all His holiness and glory, He sends forth His presence in manifest saving power.

Until our view of God and doctrinal truth is correct, nothing else is truly right. Unless we fully proclaim God’s holiness and truth, our evangelism is shallow and unbalance. The sad result is many religious “decisions” that are not true “conversions.” Yet tragically, much religion is dangerously infected with teachings that overly humanize God and deify mankind. The obvious intent is to create a “god” in our own image. A “god” we create is one who says what we want him to say and one we can control for our own ends. Of course, any such “god” bears little resemblance to the one true God of Scripture. The consequence of shallow evangelism and/or preaching is many “church members or attendees” who do not know the second birth. (John 3:8)

Many churches now even pride themselves on minimizing biblical doctrine and theology. Saints, if there is to be genuine sweeping revival, we must witness a major rise of sound theology, right doctrine and high exaltation of God’s grace. Obviously, only the Holy Spirit can empower such a widespread return to knowing and proclaiming God and doctrinal truth. For just such a movement, we must fervently pray and do our part to proclaim God’s holiness and glory!

  • Father, You alone are life, light, glory and truth. Cause us to proclaim Your full holy nature and glory. Fill us with burning hunger for the whole council of Your word and sound doctrine. Consume us with the exaltation of Your glory and grace. Forgive us for neglecting to declare Your whole word and holiness. Please pardon the ways we have sought You without total reliance upon Your grace and Spirit. Guard us from proclaiming a “god” in our own image. Save us from robbing You of glory that is Yours alone. Fill us with hearts to ever-exalt Your sovereign grace and glory.
  • Father, I praise You that You want me to know You in all Your glory and truth. I repent of creating any god in my own image and ignoring You as the God You are. Forgive me for trying to fit You into my own likeness rather than wholly seeking and living by Your truth. As a church, forgive us for having ears for false teaching and world-views that ignore Your full holy nature and truth. Please grant us the determination to major on biblical theology and sound doctrine. Cause us to exalt Your Sovereign grace as our only hope and strength. To You alone be all praise, glory and honor!
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