Ask for the Saints to Have a Burning Passion to Glorify God and Exalt His Name Alone

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore (Ps 86:12, see also Jdg 7:2; Is 42:8; Rom 1:29).

It is God’s heart that His people continually exalt His name and glory! Throughout all Scripture, one thing is utterly clear — God will share His glory with no flesh! (Judges 7:2; 1 Corinthians 1:29) Yet concerning humankind, there is little question that our core sins are pride, self-will, self-exaltation and/or self-reliance. All of these elements come from a single root source — placing self over God. It was the original sin of Satan and the root sin in all mankind.

In Judges 7:2, we see God greatly reducing the size of Gideon’s army because He knew “they would try and take some of God’s glory.” Even in the great biblical text describing “the whole duty of man,” God said we are to “fear God and keep His commandments.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13) Throughout both biblical Testaments, the constant emphasis is a total exaltation of God’s name and a total rejection of exalting men.

Historically, God’s greatest power is always through evangelists and revival leaders who are deeply humble and filled with a burning passion to exalt God. There is little doubt that true humility and passion for God’s glory are characteristics most desperately needed today. In a day of Fifth Avenue type publicity and promotion, there is genuine risk of prideful exaggeration and robbing God’s glory. Far too often, today’s publicity and promotion can cross the line into subtle exaggeration and pride. Denominations can drift into reporting that makes conditions (and us) look better than we actually are. Whether it is self, church or denominational pride, we must be very sensitive to any attitude, action or language that robs God of glory and praise. One thing is certain — God will share His glory with no man, program or organization! (Isaiah 42:8, 1 Corinthians 1:29)

In today’s generation of high competition and rivalry between Christians and various agencies, we must resolve never to take glory unto ourselves. True revival and spiritual power always depends upon deep humility and a burning passion to exalt God alone. Throughout history one principle is clear — God only commits His fullest manifest presence to those who “will not touch the glory.” Let us ever pray for hearts He can trust.

  • Sovereign God and Christ, all glory, praise and honor belongs to You. Your Name is the only name to be praised and Your kingdom is the only one that matters. Lord, please banish from our hearts every desire to over-exalt ourselves, people or organizations. Guard us from the slightest hint of self-exaltation or reliance on human strengths. Fill us with a holy passion to exalt your name and glory at all times. Empower us with a resolve to spread Your fame and kingdom in all the earth.

  • Lord, You deserve all praise, glory and attention all the time! You alone are the source of all power and righteousness. Your name and kingdom are the only ones to be praised. By Your grace, we covenant to exalt and praise You alone. Save us O God from the slightest hint of robbing Your glory.

(Praying God’s Heart in Times Like These! “A Covenant to Seek the Reviver Not Just Revival, © Dr. Gregory Frizzell, 2009,,, by permission from the author. Download Covenant)

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