Pray for Bold Faith and Nation-Changing Courage to Fill God’s People

[G]rant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, by stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus (Acts 4:29b-30, see also Josh 1:9; Acts 4:29-31; Mat 9:29, 16:18, 17:20; Mk 9:23, 11:22-24; Eph 6:18-19; 2 Tim 1:7)

God purposes for His people to be filled with bold faith and nation-shaking courage. From start to finish, the way of spiritual victory is by faith! Strong faith is utterly crucial to powerful moves of God’s Spirit. Jesus repeatedly stated, “It shall be unto you according to your faith.” (Matthew 9:29, 17:20; Mark 9:23, 11:22-24) God continually commands His people to be filled with boldness and courage. In Hebrews 11:6, Scripture proclaims, “It is impossible to please God without faith.” Sweeping revivals and evangelism are always wrought by people of great boldness, courage and faith, not timidity. For this reason, Satan works constantly to get believers discouraged, fearful and intimidated. The enemy accuses and condemns believers to cause them to focus on their weakness instead of God’s grace and power. If our expectation and faith grow small, so will be God’s work in our midst.

Today, it is especially easy for believers to be intimidated by the world. Some of this intimidation is subtle and unconscious. If we are not vigilant, the enemy’s persecution can dampen our sense of expectant faith and bold witness. Mark this well — Christ’s Church is to be on the offense against the gates of hell, not defense! (Matthew 16:18) While the shield of faith and spiritual defense certainly have a vital role, the Church is to be on bold offensive for Christ’s kingdom. Though there will certainly be challenging days when “having done all we simply stand,” defense should not be the main tone of our lives. We are not to live in a defensive shell of intimidation!

If God’s people become discouraged, intimidated or unbelieving, they cannot be instruments of evangelism or revival. Discouragement produces lowered expectations and false standards of spiritual success. If we begin to “measure ourselves by ourselves” we will start believing God for less than full New Testament power. Because powerful faith is so crucial to knowing God and walking in revival power, we must pray for supernatural boldness, courage and faith. Only God’s grace and Spirit can fill us with nation-shaking faith.

  • Victorious Lord, we praise You that nothing is impossible with You. Please empower us with a mighty spirit of boldness, courage and faith. Guard us from any elements of discouragement or fear. Cause us to walk in the light of Your awesome power and victory through Christ. Help us keep our eyes on Him. May we not be overwhelmed by the depth of today’s darkness. Strengthen us to stand on Your promises and walk in victorious faith. Help us believe that nothing is impossible with You! Fill us with a determination to claim the nations for Christ’s kingdom and glory. May Your name be praised in all the earth!
  • Father, thank You for Your glorious faithfulness. Please forgive us for doubt and unbelief. Fill me with a spirit of boldness, courage and faith. Help me claim your promises and reach souls for Christ’s kingdom. As a church, forgive us for unbelief and timidity. Set us on fire with a mountain-moving, nation–shaking faith.

(Praying God’s Heart in Times Like These! “A Covenant to Seek the Reviver Not Just Revival, © Dr. Gregory Frizzell, 2009,,, by permission from the author. Download Covenant)

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