Plead for Churches to Fully Proclaim Christ’s Preeminence, Calvary’s Cross and True Conversion

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12, see also Jn 3:3, 13:32, 16:8-14; Rom 6:1-14; Php 2:5-11; Col 1:9-18)

It is God’s heart that Christ be continually exalted and proclaimed above all. From beginning to end, the central biblical message is God’s holiness and glory reflected in Christ. Even throughout the Old Testament, every blood sacrifice ad symbol pointed to Jesus. In all things, Jesus and His eternal kingdom are to be front and center. God’s major focus is sin, righteousness and judgment, not temporal comforts. (Jn 16:8) While God certainly desires to bless and comfort believers, His overwhelming priority is to focus on Christ, holiness and His coming eternal kingdom.

In John 16:14, Jesus specifically stated that when the Holy Spirit was come, He would declare of Him (meaning Jesus). Indeed, Jesus is not just the means of our getting into heaven; He is also the means of daily victory by grace through faith. (Gal 2:20; Php 2:6) Because Christ is the one and only means of knowing, loving, serving and worshipping God, He is to be preeminent in all things at all times.

The same preeminent focus on Christ and God’s holiness were also central in all historic spiritual awakenings. When Christ’s Lordship, the new birth and holiness are centrally proclaimed, the Holy Spirit moved in sweeping power. The Spirit-empowered proclamation of Christ, sin and judgment are crucial to the release of God’s manifest presence to convict and save. In generations when churches truly embraced a central emphasis on Jesus, discipleship, evangelism and missions exploded and God received great glory.

Yet today, a disturbing number of churches have departed from Christ’s central focus and message. While many declare Christ as our blessor and friend, they either ignore or marginalize the fact He is also Lord, Judge and Savior. Even in doctrinally sound believers and churches, some have drifted toward a neglect of adequate focus on Jesus. Revival surely requires a return to balance. It is certainly no accident that the Church revives and evangelism explodes when Jesus is a central focus.

Sadly, we live in a day when many churches and evangelism efforts focus more on temporal happiness than Christ’s Lordship, repentance and new birth. Far too many churches have become little more than self-help pep rallies for earthly success. In those churches, Christ’s central message of sin, righteousness and judgment is at best an occasional periphery emphasis. At worst, the essential truths are wholly ignored.

In today’s Church, there is also a frequent neglect to declare the full message of Christ as it relates to believers’ daily victory. The foundational truths of Romans 6:6-14 are often either completely ignored or marginalized. In other cases, the truths are mentioned but not explained. As a result, many believers do not realize Christ’s death and resurrection saves them from sin’s “power” as well as its “penalty.” For this reason, many believers know they are saved (eternally) by grace through faith but are trying to walk in victory more by self-effort. Of course, the result is defeat, powerlessness and lack of confidence.

Make no mistake — when the focus shifts from Christ’s foundational truths, we must assume false prophecy has taken center stage. If churches are more interested in being “politically correct, popular and non-offensive” than faithful to Christ’s preeminent truths, the need for revival is desperate! Beyond question, that is the condition of our churches in America today. So how can these conditions reverse? Only a mighty move of God’s Spirit can restore the centrality of Christ and His full gospel. For this great revival reformation, we must labor and pray with all our hearts.

  • Almighty God, we praise You for Christ’s preeminence as Lord, Savior and Judge. Please forgive us when our central focus has shifted from Jesus crucified, resurrected and glorified. Guard us from turning our main focus from sin, righteousness and judgment to earthly blessings and comforts. Cause us to exalt and glorify Jesus in all things. Teach us to seek first His kingdom and righteousness. May Christ’s name be praised and His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.
  • Father, please forgive me for ways I have neglected Christ’s preeminence and Lordship in my life. Lord Jesus, I realize You alone are my strength, my love and means of eternal life. Grant me the determination and wisdom to exalt You in all I say and do. As a church, please forgive us for any ways we have neglected Christ’s Lordship, righteousness and judgment. Help us major on Christ’s Lordship, kingdom and glory.

(Praying God’s Heart in Times Like These! “A Covenant to Seek the Reviver Not Just Revival, © Dr. Gregory Frizzell, 2009,,, by permission from the author. Download Covenant)

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