Everything is About to Change

Surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret counsel too his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

I have been hearing a prophetic message in my heart for the past few months.

  • We have a non-revived and apathetic Church that God holds accountable for our national sins.
  • Blatant immorality, family breakdown and increased abortions in the land.
  • Growing government tyranny and control.
  • Unsustainable budgets and deficits for as far as the eye can see.

America–and maybe the global community–is in uncharted territory and great danger. Call it reaping what we’ve sown, economic idiocy, generational cycles, immoral people, corrupt politicians, or all of the above. But any way you cut it, it spells: Judgment.

Because if there is a God (and there is), he is all wise in directing history, just and holy in punishing sin and disobedience, and merciful in his designs for all to come to repentance. For these reasons, I believe today that everything is about to change. Whether it’s a Last Days scenario or just another cycle of judgment and renewal, only God knows. I do know this. We need to ready ourselves to survive and to triumph through Christ.

  • Father, use the troubles we face to turn people’s hearts to You. Prepare us for the days that lie ahead. We trust your judgment and look for your grace and power to prevail. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Ron Boehme, Director,  YWAM US Renewal

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