Judgment Begins At the House of God

1 Peter 4:17

As believers we must never forget our central responsibility for the spiritual condition of a nation.  According to II Chronicles 7:14 and I Peter 4:17, the primarily responsibility is indeed with God’s people!  In a land as filled with churches as is America, today’s catastrophic moral collapse can only be explained by serious levels of powerlessness in congregations.  While no doubt an unbelieving pagan society has much culpability, as believers we must be willing to shoulder the major responsibility.  Rather than blaming a lost world, it is vitally important that we unflinchingly turn God’s search light on ourselves.  After all, when believers are filled with genuine New Testament power, societies are rapidly impacted for Christ.  Throughout all history, great spiritual awakenings came only through a revived, empowered church.  Unfortunately, in spite of all today’s advances in academics, programs and methods, a crucial element is so often still missing – sweeping great awakening power!  May God help us do more than blame the lost or simply ramp up more casual prayers.  True revival does not begin by prayer alone.  It is prayer combined with deepest brokenness and full repentance.  May we truly humble ourselves in deepest contrition, soul-searching repentance and fervent intercession.  Yet with such contrition and prayer there is hope – our gracious God will lift us up! (James 4:8-10; 5:16)  Even the deepest darkness is not too great for a truly revived church!

A Prayer to Consider

Blessed Father, help Your people avoid the mistake of blaming society without fully acknowledging our own responsibility.  Cause us to be gripped by the true brokenness that releases Your mighty reviving presence.  Rend the heavens O God, and let it begin with us!

Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell, Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Specialist

www.frizzellministries.org, The Master Design

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