Ms. Mayra Reyes

I am a member of Sierra Vista Baptist Church in Colton, Ca., a bilingual congregation.  We promoted this event within our prayer groups; the English one on Monday evening, and the Spanish one on Saturday at 5:00 a.m.  Then, we spread the word to the whole congregation, and our Pastor called everyone to dedicate that Sunday to fasting and prayer.  He divided us into groups including youth and children.  My own experience was special, because I was praying with two young girls and two men.  We were on our knees and the Holy Spirit began to touch us as individuals, and we poured our hearts to our loving God.   I could not believe when i heard my team members were humble in front of the Lord and feel his presence moving in the room where we were, praying for this nation that open the arms to a lot of us who came from another country and  see His hands covering and guiding us.   It was an amazing experience.

After it, we could hear only positive feedback, and now our Pastor is planning to have more of these events in our congregation.   As a Sunday school teacher, I was preparing the children for this event to make them realize how powerful  prayer is in a Christian’s life.

God Bless You, and keep your eyes on Jesus our Savior and Lord.   You are doing an extraordinary job for His Kingdom.

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