Ebenezer Community Church

We are happy to have been a part of this event. Our Call2Fall Sunday consisted of saying our pledges to the Bible, Christian flag, American flag (in that order), singing of some traditional patriotic hymns, and special testimony service with a “Why I’m glad I live in America.”

The sermon was entitled “Re-claiming the Kingdom” with text from Psalm 33:12 (NASB), with other scriptural references of Psalm 2:1-3, Jeremiah 6:16-20, Jeremiah 11:1-5, (Message) and closing with 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. (NASB)

At the altar call, I asked that all who are concerned enough about the spiritual and moral decay of our nation to come forward and spend at least 5 minutes on their face seeking grace and mercy for our nation. I too, hit my knees and began to intercede on behalf of our national, state, and local governmental leaders. Now, we are a very small congregation, but when I got up off my knees and turned back toward the sanctuary…I saw every pew was empty and ALL were at the altar of God…even the children from children’s church had come up to pray for America (thats never happened before) and we all spent a good 15 minutes of pleading that the Father to cleanse us…first as individuals and then as a nation.

t was a deeply moving sight and service that I’ll never forget. We plan to participte in next years event.

God Bless (Numbers 6:24-26),

Pastor Steve Dunning

Ebenezer Community Church

Thompsonville, IL

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