“For according to the number of your cities, are your gods, O Israel.” Jeremiah 2:28

As we approach the Call 2 All on July 5, I encourage you to think and pray about the sins of America and your own heart that have brought us to this time of need before God. Many years ago I studied the book of Jeremiah to determine the prophet’s message to a nation that was falling under the judgment of God. In Jeremiah’s day, it was not just any judgment—but the terminal judgment of God upon a people that had strayed far from Him.  According to the prophet Jeremiah, there are four sins of a falling nation: They are

  • Idolatry
  • Distorted Religion
  • Seared Consciences
  • Human Injustice

Israel committed these sins as a nation because they were first practicing them as individuals. How about you and me? Are there idols in our lives? Are we playing with religion but denying its power? Are our hearts tender before God? Are we just in all our ways?

July 5 is a day to repent—and change. Everyday is a day for repentance.

“Lord—forgive me for being a part of the problem in America. I receive your grace to change and do differently, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Ron Boehme – Director, US Renewal –

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