God’s Judgments

“I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me…” (Jer 1:16).

Falling upon our knees is just a beginning! Those with eyes to see know that God’s judgments have already come to America; they are all around us. If we do not repent, things will only get worse.

Call2Fall is an important first act of humility, a small step toward deep repentance and wholehearted returning to the Lord. God has been trying to get our attention for years, but we’ve not listened. Nationwide moral decay (evident in civil government, the family, business, education, the arts, entertainment, the media and even our churches), natural disasters, financial collapse, terrorist attacks – all have been incrementally progressive warnings from God – urging us to return to Him (Dt 30:1-3; Mal 3:7).

He will relent if sufficient numbers of us wholeheartedly repent, if we sincerely and persistently cry out to Him for mercy, and urge others to do likewise. Isaiah said of Israel, “The whole head is sick and the whole heart faint” (Is 1:5). The hour is late. Only God can heal us now! But He will, if we will rush to meet His conditions.

Pray that pastors and people will learn about Call2Fall. May we who participate not just fall on their knees that Sunday, but may we be moved to deep repentance and extraordinary prayer, and may we persist without ceasing until our churches have been revived and our nation awakened!

  • Stir Your people, Oh God. Move Your pastors to call your people to seek Your face, falling on their knees July 5th. May thousands of churches be gripped by the urgency of the hour, and embrace your call to become Houses of Prayer. May we persist in extraordinary prayer until You send us gracious and merciful Awakening, In Jesus Name, Amen (Joel 2:12-18).
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