The Prescription

For weeks I have studied and meditated upon the book of Joel, which is 2 Chronicles 7:14 in book form.  There are certainly parallels to be made between what Joel describes and what America is facing today.  The chewing locust, the swarming locust, the swarming and crawling locust devoured the produce of the land leaving the people unable to even provide the grain and drink offerings.  While no longer an agrarian society, we are seeing the vulnerability of our market based economy.  The Dow Industrial Average, a key market indicator, had declined nearly 50% over the previous six months.  In recent weeks the market has seen positive gains, but will it continue?

Some quickly point out that we are certainly not as bad off as the people were in Joel’s day.  True, but we could be closer than we think.  A recent article highlighted a significant increase in church foreclosures.  In an increasing number of churches the tithes and offerings are dwindling, the “grain offering” is ceasing.

What if on one Sunday in churches all across the nation, Christians literally fell on our knees before God as an act of humility, acknowledging our absolute dependence upon God’s mercy, crying out for the Church and the nation in intercession and confessing our sins?  Would God not hear the prayers of His people and the forgiveness and healing begin?

This “Call2Fall” on our knees before God is not an end in itself, but rather an opening for the Holy Spirit to move in a phenomenal way at a very critical time.  I believe the answers we are seeking will then begin to flow freely.  Please join us on Sunday morning July 5 for a time of humility before the Lord.  At a minimum churches can set aside 3-5 minutes for their entire congregations to kneel before the Lord.

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