Social Issue Number One in the 21st Century

“Flee immorality…he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18).

Abortion was the paramount social issue of the late 20th century. What was the consequence of getting it wrong? Forty-five million innocent human beings (so far) were killed in the United States and eight hundred million world-wide. It’s the world’s greatest holocaust, wrapped in the language of freedom and choice.

What is the greatest social issue of the early 21st century? Homosexual marriage. We have looked at the consequences which include a flight from the public schools, moral confusion for millions of children, the disintegration of marriage and family life–and the loss of stability marriage gives prudent societies–and millions of people separated from God for eternity because of their wrong moral choices. Homosexual marriage is also being promoted through the language of “freedom” and “choice.”

In the past twenty years, the secularists have been very successful at re-framing the issue of homosexuality with words and concepts that suit their lifestyle–sex, and corresponding living arrangements among all consenting adults, are just fine. They’ve changed the debate from what a person does (God’s perspective) to what a person is or thinks they are (man’s perspective).

We must take the high moral ground with our words and compassionately share with the world that homosexuality is an act that separates a person from God—just as any other habitual sin does. True love demands that we boldly tell the truth. Will you?


  • Lord, we desperately need both your boldness and your love during this time of moral decline. Fill us with your Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Ron Boehme, YWAM US Renewal,

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