Great Multitude of Witnesses

I shared the idea about the “Call2Fall” with FRC’s Pastors Council; a group of leading pastors from across the country who have partnered with FRC to help us better serve the nation’s churches. I spoke with other leading pastors from various denominations. I spoke with long-time leaders in the intercessory prayer movement and with nationally known youth leaders.

All agreed that given our national circumstances that the “Call 2 Fall” is the need of the hour. Many churches set aside the Sunday closest to the 4th as Citizenship Sunday, to celebrate America’s Christian heritage and the great liberty it has brought us. Would it not be appropriate for us to make Sunday, July 5th a day for God’s people, in churches all over America, to fall on our knees before a holy and gracious God and declare once again our dependence upon Him?

God’s pastors have been given authority by God to call for times of prayer and fasting in their churches, with this in mind, we are asking pastors and churches to join us in this urgent endeavor. Visit our blog often, read the posts by pastors and key Christian leaders. Help make Call2Fall a time of genuinely humbling ourselves before a Holy God, for the sake of our nation.

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