Dial 911 For Real

Joel 2:15 “…Call a Solemn Assembly”

Who will ever forget 9-11? On that infamous day I wrote a devotional declaring that we have lost air supremacy in America and our prayer covering has been removed. The following day I was amazed to see a photograph of a US military jet flying security over the smoldering ruins of the twin towers. The title of the photograph was something like “Keeping Guard”. The response of my heart was “One day late.”

I will never forget the unified prayer that swept the nation after September 11th. But then, I read a statement that set me off, “On 9-11 America was brought to her knees. The next day she stood up”. That was my fear: that we would pray for a moment and then go back to business as usual. Sad to say, we did get up off of our knees, return to our prayerlessness, and our apathetic prosperity posture.  Now today we are flaunting our rebellion against the heart of God and the very laws that He established that have been the foundation of this nation’s greatness and much of the church has joined in that rebellion.

And now something far worse than the twin towers is upon us and we are more than a day late in “Keeping Guard”. The twin pillars of righteous and justice – the issue of life (abortion) and the definition of marriage, are experiencing an all out collapse far greater than the collapse of those twin towers. There is no alternative to be found. The building is crashing. There is no political help. No economic help. Only one remedy remains. We must hear The Call to Fall.

When there is no hope for a nation, when there is no remedy, God still has a divine prescription. Joel 2 – Blow the trumpet in Zion; gather the people, call a fast. Also, 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people … will humble themselves (bow their knee) and pray.” TheCall is joining it’s voice with Tony Perkins and Family Research Council to summon the churches nationwide on July 5 to humble themselves, bow their knees and change their lifestyles; that we would never get up from our knees again. We must cry out for mercy and divine intervention. Only heaven can help us now.  Without historic awakening which leads to reformation there is no future for America, but I believe in the promises of God “If my people…”

Lou Engle

Founder and President of TheCall


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